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  1. most stuff i do is under NDA stuff, but i made this quick self portrait so i can show that
  2. Thanks for the kind words and moving my thread to an appropriate place, Jenni
  3. Did some fun stuff based on a new character from the guy who made Ernest and Celestine. http://oleloken.tumblr.com/post/118398058866/the-big-bad-fox-fanart-im-a-really-big-fan-of
  4. hah I wish i could have worked at disney in the 2d era. Thanks Oliver! Got some new stuff on the way. possibly in a week or so. all depends on how it goes.
  5. Thats cool dude Its been a looong time since i've played that game. how much did you follow from the original?
  6. thank you! oh not at all. biggest i've worked for is Cartoon Saloon, and their not big at all hehe.
  7. thanks a lot scrawffler! I guess i can post some more stuff while the newer things are still in the making hehe
  8. Thanks a lot! I had in mind to animate Marek from Broken Age because of the episode where they recorded the voices. either that or animate the DF logo flying in or something like that. Maybe that would bring this thread onto the track of the over all theme of the forum! hehe.
  9. Ah I see. I think youre right about that. And thank you very much (maybe its possible for a mod to move this thread?)
  10. Hey, is it ok to post stuff that is not only Double fine? since this area of the forums is called Fan art. Lets hope so, because here I go! (Also, im fairly new to posting on this forum. been a backer of broken age for a while now) Some "famous" characters first, and then whatever else I have done in my spare time or at work (that I can show) Thats it for now I guess.
  11. I'm also Norwegian, though I would prefer the game in english. the jokes wont translate to be as good im sure.
  12. I havn't played the game 'The ACT' ( http://theactgame.com/ ) but is there an engine they use that you might be able to apply? or is it simply click to play a quicktime file type of game maybe. In any case it is exciting to see how the process is. Beeing an animator myself, I dont really know anything about the technical stuff like this.
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