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  1. Will this new version come automatically with steam or do I need to look for it?
  2. When will Vella use the Cloud shoes again? Obviously on the whipped cream in the avalanche room. Shay couldn't get to the top Vella will probably need to go to the top for some reason.
  3. A few things I noticed. 1. How does Gus know Vera's name? I never met him. He said my name when I fell on him but I never interacted with him until then. Where did he go? I wanted to meet him. 2. The younger sister who's name I forgot starts talking to me when my back is to her. Not in a Dialogue moment but it still seems a bit off. 3. At the fruit tree Vera says something about looking for a low hanging branch so she can climb the tree, once she fall down to the roots she easily climbs through the stump to get up the tree. This seems like a big leap in logic especially since she was talking about the fruit. I would at least expect her to grab some fruit. I know this is very picky but it did not seem congruent to me. The line about looking for a branch to climb the tree should be taken out.