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  1. I only noticed a couple of minor visual bugs... e.g. In one conversation with Marek the subtitle text for Shay was mostly off the side of the screen As Vella, in the cloud colony, when climbing up to 'Rosie' using the ladder Vella climbs behind the ladder (if that makes sense)...in the animation where Vella is climbing I could clearly see the whole ladder in front of Vella when her body should be blocking most of it out.
  2. For these kind of games...looking up the answers takes away from the satisfaction. So, I will only give you some hints for each character. For Vella, you can combine some items together... For Shay, you need to modify the suit in some way to propel you out into space...
  3. I thought it was awesome that you used Melbourne Symphony Orchestra for the music! Us Aussies are helping out! Also, Levi has the same birthday as me (Jan 14) so it will be a great birthday present from you Double Fine (although it'll be Jan 15 in Australia).
  4. I am wondering if it would be at all possible to get the rights of your previous games from LucasArts (now Disney?) and port them onto Steam... The reason is because I never got a chance to play Grim Fandango and the game is really old and won't work properly on my computer. I would definitely pay $$$ for Grim Fandango on Steam if you could perhaps just port the games (no need to re-do graphics and that, just make it compatible with XP/Vista/7/8 as well as Mac/Linux) Or maybe even a Tim Schafer/Lucasarts bundle that includes... -Grim Fandango -Full Throttle -Monkey Island 1 and 2 (and maybe 3?) -Maniac Mansion I would buy that (especially Grim Fandango) but I understand if you can't...I'm sure the rights would be hard to obtain now thanks to the Lucasarts buyout by Disney.
  5. Well I eventually figured it out but I too spent an hour or so trying to work it out. In fact, I tried that first and when it didn't work I spent an hour trying to get the rock from the very top down the ladder. I was certain it had something to do with it as each time-zone had a different material blocking the rock from falling down (stone, wood and metal). I thought maybe if we all jumped on the rock in the wood phase the wood would break but nooooope. Went back the the boulder and pushed it to the side and this time it worked. I really like how you see skeletons of your characters if you go into the future with one or more still in the past.
  6. Well I was looking forward to playing this tomorrow morning but I guess I now have to wait until Friday morning...
  7. Pearcinator

    IGN Review

    IGN reviewed The Cave! They gave it a 7.9/10 Pros: puzzles and humour Cons: platforming controls ('floaty') and framerate issues Read it here! (video wasn't working last time I checked but it will probably work soon) http://au.ign.com/articles/2013/01/22/the-cave-review
  8. Adventurer - Cos it gives me an Indiana Jones vibe Twins - Cos they are cool and creepy Time Traveler - Cos I <3 sci-fi Those will be the first trio I play as... As for trio #2 Monk, Scientist and Knight
  9. I am saying that because there is a lack of online co-op my mate would rather download it illegally instead; because there is no incentive to buying it if he can get all the features from pirating it...
  10. I showed the trailer to a mate of mine...he seemed really interested in it but said he probably won't buy it unless it had online co-op. Which is a shame that this game doesn't because I think it is an opportunity to get more sales. We don't live close enough together to get together and play local co-op. I hope that it can be done...at least for PC
  11. Go Australia! A mere 22.6 million people and we have 3rd place with 7%! By comparison... UK has 62.6 million people and only 1% more (or 2% more if you include Scotland, Wales and Ireland) of the pie... USA has 311.5 million people so of course they take up the biggest chunk... But the fact is they have almost 14x the population of Australia and only take up 7.5x more of the pie...this means that Australia is #1 by % according to population! Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi!!!
  12. Slacker Backer here! I would have backed it on KickStarter but I don't have a credit card so I didn't. $15 is a good price to pay for what will definitely be an awesome game!
  13. I would like to see a particular item have multiple uses... for example, lets say you find a large key and use it to unlock something...later on you find a skull and when you use the skull on the key, VoilĂ ! You now have a skeleton key! Use the skeleton key to unlock the skeleton door (or any door/thing to be unlocked). Even better if the key is so big (Secret of Monkey Island earbud big) but it still unlocks the tiniest of locks somehow. Ooooh! Maybe instead of unlocking the little skeleton box, your character pulls out the skeleton key and just uses it to smash the little lock. That, as well as a certain poultry of a rubbery nature with a wheel-like ring in its centre...
  14. I wouldn't mind something along the lines of Grim Fandango with 3D character models on a pre-rendered background (at least that's what I am guessing it was). DAT DEPTH! Either that or go with something like Monkey Island 3 (my favourite adventure game and the art was beautiful!). DEM CLOUDS! I wouldn't mind if it was first-person with pre-rendered images like Myst. Pre-rendered images = pure beauty! This game came out how long ago?!(1997) It looks better than most games do today! DOSE DETAILS! I would be happy with any of these styles...I would even be happy if they modernized it by going full-3D but I still think pre-rendered backgrounds or an interesting art style would make the game more beautiful. However, I do not like pixel art. As a 90's kid I grew up in the dying or dead days of pixelated 8-bit graphics and now they are trying to make a comeback (Fez and Minecraft for example) but quite frankly, they hurt my eyes to look at for too long. I understand the appeal of its 'retro'-ness but it's TOO retro for me because I never grew up with it. I played MI1 and MI2 Special Editions with the new graphics (I played them with the old graphics when I was like 8 but even then [1998] it was out-dated and hurt my eyes). PLEASE DON'T GO PIXEL ART! The Cave's artstyle is amazing though so I don't think DFA will use pixel art...
  15. Years ago, Mum brought home the 'Lucasarts Archives Volume III' which included: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LucasArts_Archives -The Secret of Monkey Island -Monkey Island II: Lechuck's Revenge -The Dig -Full Throttle -Afterlife -Star Wars: Dark Forces -Demo disk containing demos for several games... After playing Dark Forces (which was great) I tried The Secret of Monkey Island and while the graphics were quite dated by then I was drawn in by the humour and the puzzles were great (I was only 7 yrs old at the time). Straight after that I played through Monkey Island II and then Full Throttle (all great games). I played the demo for Monkey Island 3 and the next day went to the shops and bought it (my favourite adventure game btw even though Tim and Ron had nothing to do with it). I tried playing Grim Fandango but my copy keeps freezing up and glitching around....so unfortunately I can't play it (but what I played of it was aweseome). The Dig was different and probably the most difficult adventure game I have ever played but it was also quite good (I remember being extremely shocked when I sawed the guys hand off - who was addicted to the green egg things). Can't wait for the Double Fine Kickstarter Adventure!
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