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  1. Does DF have any plans to bring any of their Xbox 360 Games to XBox one through its Backwards Compatibility feature? (Those that aren't Kinect dependant anyway).
  2. I've played it on both, but actually spent the most time playing it on Xbox One. The controller works really well. The problem I often have with trying to play keyboard/mouse games with a controller is generally overshooting or trying to wrestle the controls to where I want them, but i haven't found that happen at on on the Xbox. They got the controller porting totally spot on.
  3. Backward compatibility wont work. It would need to be a native port. It has been confirmed that external hardware like the 360's Kinect won't work in backward compatibility mode due to the differences in the Kinect hardware. That being said, I'm exited for other DF games to come over with the new backward compatibility, like Brutal Legend and Iron Brigade!
  4. Yes please! I never got it on the Xbox 360 (didn't have a Kinect) I would love to see a port to Xbox One!
  5. I realise that, but "Wow!" has grown on me. I like the ambiguity. I think I'll leave it out there.
  6. I agree. I had no idea that Shay's area was larger, to me it actually felt smaller and more restrictive, which I understand is completely by design. I too am an old school adventure gamer, cutting my teeth on Monkey Island and DOTT (as well as the Space Quest Series). It's funny, I recently fired up Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis (a too-oft forgotten gem) and part of me yearned for that classic grand style game with the obfuscated puzzles but I had to stop. Lets remember what graphics and gameplay were like back when those originals came out. The graphics were amazing, richly detailed environments and when the versions came out that actually had speech, those of us with Sound-Cards were amazed by the sound. These factors we now completely take for granted. Those factors were part of the 'Charm' of the adventure games. People look at the quaint graphics and low bitrate sound and think they were always on the 'Quaint' scale. I realise that Broken Age still has that same 'Vibe' for me, despite the slight difference in style and gameplay. Here's hoping it draws a new generation of Adventure gamers to remember fondly and compare other 'New' adventure games with and remember the good old days.
  7. I just finished act 1 and I have to say I really loved it! I originally began this post with a short essay on how I started the Shay's story first and was a little underwhelmed but after playing through Vella's story was completely hooked and am now aching for act 2. In fact, I deleted my short essay as I began to realise how both storys work so well together that I now want to go back and do Shay's story again! As a gamer who is at a stage in life that doesn't have a lot of time for games, this is quite an accomplishment. I don't think I need to say any more than that. I'm hooked. Well done Double Fine. EDIT: I just realised how lame my title was. It was a placeholder that I couldn't be bothered editing, but it summed up my reaction to the ending.
  8. Yeah, I checked the sizes on the chart supplied and looks like the L is the way to go for me. Thanks for the info!
  9. I don't know if this has already been asked, but how often do you guys replenish the stock in the Double Fine online store? I notice that M and L of the orange and grey 2HB shirt is out of stock and I'm pretty keen to grab a Large one. Will I be waiting a short time, long time or have I missed the boat? Also, another area where I may be blind, but, how do you guys work out International shipping, I'm in Australia and I couldn't see anything on the page indicating shipping prices. Cheers!
  10. Great post! I'm loving these programming updates, particularly as It relates to what I am studying at Uni! For some reason they make more sense than my textbooks do!
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