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  1. Since backing a project on Kickstarter is always only that -- a kickstart --, I feel we backers can't claim that it is ours more than we can claim the game is ours. We simply funded its development. Once the project is realised, it's up to the creators to decide how it's distributed further. The game was to be sold once it's finished, so why shouldn't the documentary be as well? If it was to be made available for free, it should definitely be in a lower resolution, but in general I'm not opposed to the idea.
  2. Did you try the Twins/Monk/Hillbilly combination I mentioned in posting #2 [being in slots 1/2/3 in that order]? Would be weird if the paintings changed every time instead of just depending on which slot a certain character has.
  3. Enlighten me, please. I went everywhere I could every time, I never saw a Hillbilly painting symbol when I did not have him in my party. [del]Although, now that you mention it, I did notice a path from one of the water holes I couldn't cross because my characters would drown during my first session. I might have to try the all-female combination again to check where it was, and re-check the place with the Hillbilly.[/del] On second thought, that's nonsense as it's just the Carnival entrance area without the right side being blocked so one can venture forth.
  4. Yes, very much so. You can also find another Adventurer painting when not using her at the pyramid [the pit where the spikes at the beginning would be forms a forking path: the left leads to said painting, the right further down the Cave], or one Twins painting when on your way to the Time Traveller's museum [near the sleeping dog] -- these weren't the issue, though, as I was still able to find each characters' eight paintings.
  5. Well, I guess the universe is telling me to get the hell lost, because in my current session -- consisting of Twins, Monk, and Hillbilly -- I finally found painting #5 [next to the Electric Eels basin]. Without finding painting #4, though. And I'm pretty sure, I also did not find #6 this time. There must be something weird going on with the Hillbilly's paintings, because I found the other character's every painting in one session each.
  6. Prove me wrong, please? I have had no trouble finding any painting in my first session with an all-female squad. I even found all the Knight's and Monk's paintings in my second session. Or the twins' painting later on. But for the love of whatever is holy to anyone and no-one, I just cannot find the Hillbilly's fifth stupid painting. Even when taking him on every trip since the second with varying characters. I know the positions switch, but as I said, any other character's painting were no trouble finding. And really, not finding them would be worth an achievement. So, where the heck is the Hillbilly's fifth painting? Or is it bugged?
  7. Which ones exactly? Haven't tried all of them yet. Maybe this engine will convince me, once I've seen it in action. The direct-input/point-and-click mix in The Cave was neither fish, nor fowl for me, is all I'm saying, and it shouldn't be in DFA.
  8. Anything but The Cave's engine is an okay pick for me. I was under the impression it's going to be a point-and-click adventure, although I didn't follow its development too much. Now that I've played it [on PC], I see a game that can barely be played as such, and as a platformer it falls short. Its controls are weird and jumping is the worst I experienced in a while -- and there were a bunch of platformers with the weirdest jumping in recent years. Most of them console ports, though, so I don't know who or what to blame, really. And no, "gamepads are better for platformers anyway" is not a valid argument. As long as DFA is going to be a real P&C adventure, and not such a strange mix, I have hope.
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