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  1. Okay, here is my two tickets (hehe) on this project: I have my old CD-Rom version at home, but it would be comforting to know that I could have a new version for daily use. (Original version could be stored safely). I also wouldn't mind having a additional digital copy. It is also very nice that people could get the game much easier then before and can play this great game. However; don't make it too casual. Don't alter Grim Fandango in a way that maybe pleases the habits of the young people, by altering what made it great for the old people (Damn, you made me say that I'm old^^). It should feel good like made in 1998/99, not like good made in 2014. Let the new gamers adapt a bit to the game, not the other way round. I'm open to updated graphics in spritit of the existing game and its original material. Don't "Lucas" it. Give us a restored Metropolis, not a pimped out and botoxed Star Wars IV. (don't even count this as a four. No "new first three movies"^^) Some of the following ideas were already brought up here and in the videos but I would like to summarize my wishlist: - a book (printed and digital) with all of Peter Chan's drawings and sketches; including some text about how this concepts came about - a concept art game mode: normal game but the images from the original game replaced with their concept art. It would be the very first game I'm aware of to have a "documentation game mode". And consider the awesomeness of a moody black and white game. The "Grim" Fandango if you will.^^ - the descriptive talk of Tim Schafer he made for Peter McConnell (also include that into the game as a additional feature) - the puzzle document (which leaked already) printed and commented - the music score on CD - additional CD: uncut version of the music sessions. Give us the raw stuff! - brink back the Grim Fandango casket! - please also do research on the original german sound ressources and include the localized version as a language option. Were there versions for other languages besides English and German in the original release? I'm only aware of some text translations... wishful thinking (unlikely to happen): Release all the material you have on this Hard disk drive. Let people have the abilty to look at the source code, the assets and all the stuff there is. I really would like to see the fans working with this game and to see the the cool ideas they can come up with. Don't let the "suits" (it belongs to Disney now, does it?) own the game alone. Share it with the people that really care.* I couldn't stand the thought of having the asserts locked away, lost again for the public. - make that damn Grim Fandango animated movie! Now! To work! *swings a whip* * Yeah, I know. Legal issues blah blah. I accept this, but it sucks! (Can I write that or is it rude language? If yes; sorry^^) on a side note: I'm just thinking about how much I would have loved to see all the stuff that happended with Broken Age, but instead with Grim Fandango. A large documentation, seeing how old concepts are rediscovered, considered, discussed. Some kind of lively game archaeology everyone can be a part of.
  2. I guess I liked Vellas part a bit more. When I first started the game, I accidently clicked on Shay (Didn't know that one click on the picture would start the game immediatly^^) and played his part for some time. Then I decided to switch to Vella and somehow her story got me hooked much more. Also, Vella looks a bit like a young Gloria Reuben (Jeanie Boulet from ER), which is nice^^
  3. I see what you did there^^I think this puzzle needs to be changed, because it is not logical. When you enter this scene and fall through the first hole, you are very close to the egg. But the solution to the puzzle is to fall through a hole thats waaaaaayyyy more in the background? First I thought you had to spit the peach pit into Gus' trousers. Would have been way more fun. There are some more problems with perspective in a few places, especially in the cloud colony. And on the ship the layout is confusing at times. Walking three screens to the right to find a door that leads you back to the first room...
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