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    Tasmania, Australia
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    Artist, feminist philosopher, girlfriend, cat owner.
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    I'm one of the co-founders and contributing artists at TwoLofBees.com. Most of my art is cute. Or strange. Or strangely cute. I'm also a reader, writer, watcher, and thinker currently working on a PhD in Gender Studies at the Uni. of Tasmania.
  1. Aww, well if I ever somehow find a Moomin, I'll be sure to snap a screenshot ^_~ Actually, my Ness family were hunters in my last game. I loved that! Soooo much love for hunters <3
  2. Majesty! Thanks for liking my house, guys! You're the best! If you designed bloodlines tell me what they are so I can use them!
  3. I did bee mount fan art too! <3 http://www.twolofbees.com/artwork.php?iid=1319
  4. I didn't make a whole lot of notes for puzzles, though I did note a few moments that I thought might be good influences for fan art
  5. So, I just had a quick look at the PAX schedule and I have a few suggestions for times that might be good: Fri 1pm Sat 2pm Sun 12pm For about an hour or so? These are just suggestions, of course. Maybe people could have a look at the schedule and see what time might suit them? *Edit* Fri 1:00-2:30pm would probably be my preference
  6. PAXAUS! Woo! I'll be there! And I'll definitely make it to whatever meet up is arranged
  7. Mim's Review of Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars: If you'd like to do a review using this format, you can find a guide/template here Story: 7/10 - Sometimes confusing about where to go or what to do next because the story jumps around somewhat. Characters are good though and have interesting backgrounds if you have time/patience to click through all the dialogue options. Usability: 7/10 - Pretty easy to pick up, guides pop up to tell you how to do stuff Gameplay: 6/10 - There are some pretty convoluted solutions in there, but also some clever puzzles. Assets: 4/10 - The sound is quite disjointed; quality varies from sentence to sentence. Art style is also inconsistent; cut scene animations are a very different style to the gameplay. The new cut scenes added for the Director's Cut have yet another different style. Impact: 7/10 - There were so many options I didn't have time to click through for the stream. I could totally play through this game again, being really thorough, and get a whole lot more out of it. Overall: 31/50 Completed: Yep, a few times.
  8. I will absolutely most definitely be there short of debilitating illness or death.
  9. Even when we're outside, surrounded by the beauty of nature, we're thinking about Massive Chalice.
  10. IT'S OFFICIAL! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! This may deserve another smiley photo
  11. Thanks for making such awesome games, Double Fine! And congrats on your soon-to-be-funded new game, Massive Chalice! Can't wait! Go team go!
  12. Nice work y'all. Good turn out this week! Could the presence of the great and powerful Ron Gilbert have had anything to do with that, I wonder?
  13. My house is going to be at the other end of a skype chat with Ron Gilbert. It'll be almost like he's in our living room. I'm sorry, but I'm totally geeking out here. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
  14. The poll said to comment why we said a game was our favourite. Even though Sissy's Ponycorn Adventure is freakin' awesome ("Aww yeah!") I voted for Gemini Rue because it's so beautifully hard-boiled and has an engaging storyline that explores interesting themes. Not to mention the gorgeous art style - so atmospheric.
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