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  1. I volunteer for some streaming I am not avaible EVERY saturday but I have almost no plans every weekend. Such is life.
  2. Hmm, we need more people to enter competition. You think we can move this up to the general board?
  3. I hope this is allowed, I don't see why not. A new competition! In these fine boards of the Double Fine universe there lurk many gamers. And ofcourse these gamers, own games. So how do these gamers store their collection of games? How do they store special editions? How do they manage the different sizes of the games? How about game accesories? Post a picture of how you store your games and accesories! The one who has the best, most practical, most showbooting and cheapest way of storing games and accesories, WILL WIN A PRIZE! prize is: 1 game of choice from steam up to 15 bucks. Runner up gets 1 game of choice up to 5 bucks. I'd like to do these competitions monthly, but I have terrible ideas for competitions itself. So for next month, tell me ideas of a good competition! It'll bring fun n joy to the forums. PS. How I store my games, is terrible, not recommended.
  4. Who else can't wait for the new Tool album (hopefully) coming out next year?
  5. Well the winner recieved his prize. More competitions later when I have money again. And a new idea for competition. Have fun with the game anonsomethingsomething!
  6. Oh you have to trade them. Well I dont know how to give without trading. and what am i supposed to trade it with? Edit Yes you can give it, through steam trade. So eh anyone who wants it for free just PM with your steam account
  7. yeah it works on mac, why wouldnt it. I dont know how much portal 2 is but just that minus 75%
  8. Says so in the topic. I dont know how it got there. More people seem to have gotten it. Me and my friends already have the game. So anyone want some? Its valid till 30 august so be quick about it. On unrelated note. I sooooo cant wait for the remake of Rise of the Triad. Damn man. I just want to throw money at the screen for it.
  9. its settled then. To make this double fine action forum more action forum we need more explosions. Maybe a manditory explosion with each post?
  10. lets celebrate. Also this thread here. is a fine example of it not being dead.
  11. so mean to always contradict me. Explosions are likable. overdoing it is not great. but so is everything else ever
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