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  1. Jon Tex


    almost went till 4 in the morning and then had to get to sleep for an early morning class
  2. haha that what he said in mine too
  3. Just got a call from Jack Black, well a recording anyway advertising me to pick up my game tomorrow .
  4. If i can grow my gotee out in time to shave it, I'm going as Toki Wartooth.................................not a bumble bee
  5. I live on a floor of nothing but rap and techno listeners, so i can't wait to blare this game with the rock music as retalliation
  6. somethings are better left as they are. Look at how "glorious" the street fighter and DBZ movies turned out
  7. Bought their latest CD and omg it kicks ass! Can't wait for season 4 of Metalacolypse
  8. I'll try them all but i gotta go with the Ironheade, Hot girls with heavy guns on your shoulders.............the answer can't be any clearer
  9. I'm going to grow out my beard and side burns and go as Lemmy Kilmister for halloween
  10. that and too many stores are stacked with miley cirus CDs........ugh
  11. Just as long as Tim rides in on a suped up motorcycle. And i'm talking the works, roaring flames and everything
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