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  1. Post your Spacebases!

    Ooh, that looks like a pretty ingenious setup. Might have to try that myself.
  2. Post your Spacebases!

    I hear you. Man, I am so looking forward to those parts of the game actually working. I am loving the game, but it is pretty hard to keep a game going more than an hour before everyone is running around with their hair on fire.
  3. Crew Poll

    This poll...I can't pick. I want them all! O_O
  4. Post your Spacebases!

    Totally awesome, guys. Thanks much for sharing, so many ideas!
  5. Post your Spacebases!

    Felt like showing off my first proper station, and wanted to see what everyone else had come up with. I'd love to see people's different approaches.

    I'm loving it so far, though it is of course extremely simplistic yet. Really looking forward to added complexity and more to do.
  7. Lets discuss idea's for the airlocks.

    I agree with all your suggestions. Until such time though, I agree building several airlocks next to each other, so more than one person can enter and exit at a time, as in the attached image.
  8. [SUGGESTION] - Pause During Combat Start

    Yeah, that would be really nice. Seconded.
  9. YES!.

    Yes, indeed. This is looking extremely promising and I can't wait to see where they are going with it.