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  1. jussi-k


    Possibly a checkbox for 'music on all the time'?
  2. jussi-k


    The music in massive chalice is just incredibly good. It truly sets the mood for the game and feels just _right_. It is feels really fresh for a fantasy RPG game. I just hope there were more of it. The last time I played the game was sometime november/december and I remember the music fading off quite soon after coming on. I would really love to have nearly constant music in the battles.
  3. PS. Secretly I was hoping for some technique where you first render the ambience and then overlay the lights animated and still using some approptiate blend modes to allow for overlapping lighting.
  4. Thanks for the reply! I was thinking of something along those lines.
  5. Looking good! Care to share some of the technical aspects of your environments. Are you using video backgrounds or blending and animating separate lighting layers together in real time etc...
  6. jussi-k


    is there any chance this could be ported to iOs sometime in the future. this game could be perfect for that kind of environment!
  7. I think that Shay was never meant to meet the girls. He was never meant to go off program (learn the REAL truth). If Vella would have not broken the ship, Marek would have gotten Shay to unload the girls somewhere. The dude in the mountain, what's his face, is an another 'shay' from years past, who never learned the truth. He fights the Mog, because he believes it to be a monster, not knowing he himself has been in a previously defeated one. He maybe crashed into the mountain and never saw his ship from the outside. Now, why would anyone need the boys to be in the ship, what purpose would that serve? What possible use could the boys have after unknowingly rescuing the maidens? And what purpose would the girls serve? Who needs dozend of maidens every 14 years? and to what end? The maidens will know the truth of their kidnapping and will act and feel like prisoners or kidnap victims afterwards. So they will propably not be having font thoughts an whoever kidnapped them. And who is the real villain? Who has been kidnapping girls for (possibly) hundreds of years? Why use the human boy at all, the ship sems mighty capable on it's own. Also, the plague dam, I do not think that there is any plague at all. There is a world divided and the other half is harvested for maidens by someone on the other side using innocent teen boys as puppets. All this makes no sense to me at all and I am really eager to find out the truth of the world! (I just hope soo much that the end reveal is not as random and disconnected as the world and locations in ACT1: talking trees and walking on clouds allow for some lazy conclusions because magic)
  8. Now that we have planets in the mix, adding sunlight to the station's outer hull would make the stations blend in with the backgrounds and also look really good!
  9. I was initially disappointed with the simple puzzles and seemingly random world and caracters. But after the act 1 end the story got so interesting that it overcome my feelings of shortcomings. Maybe I had set my expectations too high and the beginnig was decidedly too vague, but now I am interested!
  10. I realized the connection between the minigame and maidens feast pretty early on. I just was not sure wether it was just a 'coincidence'. I was afraid that the stories would not happen in the same time, but, to my huge relief, the end happened. I kind of like being forced to wait for chapter 2 now!
  11. For a PC adventure game, it was a bit too streamlined and void of sidetracks and confusions. Playing it was not quite as joyful and challenging as I would have loved it to be. The inventory for example remains relatively empty throughout the whole act. The puzzles seemed to play out in a single room and some important items just landed on your lap without effort. (Spoiler: like the cloud shoes. Those you can acquire without ever knowing what point of the game requires their use. I like it when you are made to fail or meet a challenge you can not pass, then need to work your way trough. Meaningful gameplay could have been created from having Vella learn about the shoes, have her find some 5 pairs of shoes the wrong size, then be forced to make them herself.) I love games where you are given a magnitude of options and coming up with the right one by brute force is "seemingly impossible". BUT If I were to find this in the app store and play it on my phone / tablet, the game would have (and will) absolutely rocked. I think that that is where the real success will lie! And if act 2 is really hardcore difficult and item laden, all will be forgiven!
  12. I really really appreciate your dedication to pursue alternate ways for your games' visual styles. Too many times do we see insane concept art for games that ends up looking the same bulk 3D. Your later games on the other hand (broken age, and I hope this one too) end up looking like the concepts they are based on. This is really really heartwarming and all round awesome. Your art departments rock, thank you!
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