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  1. A teacher was murdered in the parking lot of the high school I went to. Not while I was there. And this one time a guy shot and killed fourteen people from the clock tower and wounded thirty-one others. Do I win?
  2. Why has no one spotted the foot connection?

    All of this feet exposure can mean only one thing...Quentin Tarantino is somehow involved in the project. It will be win.
  3. Psychonauts -- more popular than you'd like to think?

    I always want to spell it as Bossk, like that lizard bounty hunter from Empire Strikes Back. And if Psychonauts was massively popular, I don't think I could be as much of an elitist about having played it. That wouldn't be good.
  4. My books are falling down

    Dude, how could you forget Oleander and Brain Tumbler? Go do yourself a service and play Psychonauts again.
  5. I'd so tell my comic book guy to stock any Double Fine comics if they ever exist in print form.
  6. New Mini Game

    The game would so benefit from online multiplayer though.
  7. Double Fine Action Faceplate!!

    I'm somewhat relieved that those aren't mass-marketed, they'd cause me to cave in and buy a 360.
  8. I offer myself to you

    I think the BBC has confused Xenu with Magneto from the X-men comics. It's an honest mistake.
  9. Orthodox Schaferists

    Careful poopdog, you don't want people getting confused with waffles.
  10. Milla's Nightmares (Spoilers...Kinda)

    Yeah, it was especially shocking because you are going along through a peppy roller disco and then BAM! you're hit with that downer. Wowwie.
  11. Doesn't he hack the SL? He's pretty omnipotent Cheez, I'm not sure how long you'll be able to hide from him anyway.
  12. My books are falling down

    If you got someone's head as a bookend, wouldn't it be split in two? That could be creepy looking.
  13. New Mini Game

    I like the secret special unlockable character the most. Because I earned the right to play as him.
  14. To live out an escapist fantasy free from the harsh mistress that is reality? I couldn't get into it either.
  15. I have this hanging up in my room. I don't think my roommate has noticed it yet.
  16. Orthodox Schaferists

    I thought this thread was going to be about the Church of Tim site that doesn't exist anymore. Mildly disappointed.
  17. Easter Eggs?

    Makes you wonder if the developers put cheats in just so that they could include more dialogue.
  18. Who wants to work in the Games Industry?

    This is exactly why we need to rise up and overthrow capitalism. Then everybody can make video games!
  19. How about it is exactly like The Office but everybody is dressed like a ninja and nobody ever admits to being a ninja?
  20. Aw, we need Phil Ken Sebben there too! He's got such a nice voice, don't you think so, Mayhem?
  21. *e-spikes the punch* College has been a bad influence on me...
  22. "Brutally Fun" Announcement Coming Tonight According to Kotaku

    I'm sure Double Fine would turn a huge profit just from accidental purchases.
  23. Who would you hang with?

    I'd so totally try to become Sacha's protégé. That'd be far superior to having a social life.
  24. I think the devs could be anyone of us...no one is above suspicion! I'm looking at you DarthAve, or should I say...MR. SCHAFER!
  25. Have you ever dreamed of Double Fine?

    Do unrelated dreams/nightmares of two-headed babies count?