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  1. divisionten is in reference to Hitsugaya from Bleach (the short character in my avatar) due to both of us being short, albino nerds.
  2. What are you playing?

    I;m playing SMT IV and it uses the L/R triggers and the up/down/left/right as camera, left circle for movement. It works better than expected. Actually, it's very fluid. A button for exploration, X to attack, Y for gauntlet (your minicomputer that handles your demons, saving, and side quests) and B to back out. It's a turn-based RPG, so it doesn't need more than one attack button, so I guess thats why it works so well.
  3. FTL is totally worth it. Keep it and give it a spin, for me? Pleeease?
  4. Question on HiB 9: Are they all separate keys, or are the bonus games a single key like last time? The only games I don't own are Fez and Trine 2, so I wanted to give away the extras.
  5. I like these Telltale guys

    telltale? more like smellyfail. OH GOD NO MY SELF-ESTEEM Oh noes! I must kiss away your pain! Loudly and embarrassingly in front of everyone!
  6. Everybody get random!

    All I see in Americafor X and Y are 1$ preorders (and they take the 1$ off your game price, so it's basically free if you pick up your game) with a $5 gift card for the store.
  7. Everybody get random!

    Not since 2007. Boxed games have these nasty German Versions on it in my country. Need someone to have a US address and ship it for you? I've done this plenty of times for other forumites.
  8. M or F? EDIT: Or other?

    Keep an eye on the mouth movements. It was originally in Italian with a British English overdub.
  9. Everybody get random!

    Oh, good gosh, Tom Hiddleson. Your accent is really unfair.
  10. Unrequited Love

    (Hides photos of self cosplaying Naoto) Seriously, though. Be honest and reasonable with her. One of three things will happen: 1. She has feelings for you too. 2. She says no, and you've cleared the air or 3. She runs, and, as long as you were respectful to her, you can pin that one on "scared of any kind of commitment", and she's probably not right for you, friend, dating or otherwise. Either way, better to be upfront without being pushy. If you need someone to go over your speech with, bug me.
  11. Unrequited Love

    I am another in this category. Although I have also had instances where a friend of many years became a d-bag when he asked me out and thought he had "boyfriend privileges" immediately thereafter. As in, demanding that I be a stay-at-home mom and homeschool our future children (never minding the fact that I a) cannot have kids and adoption was out of the question for him and b) want a career and probably not have kids in my life). Blerch. It lasted a week. Anyway, be honest about your feelings, and if she says no, understand that, for many women (or men? I don't know, but at least I can vouch for myself) a "friend" is NOT a step down. If you've played Persona 4, there's a prime example. For any of the romantic relationships, it is possible to choose whether to befriend or date them, BUT either way, you can max out the social link. Essentially, there are two, equally fulfilling parallel paths two people could have- a relationship or a friendship. A friendship si not a downgrade, and a relationship not an upgrade. They are unique ways of human interaction, with their own special moments and perks.
  12. I do. Welcome to the Telltale refugee thread! As do I! I always liked your pony avatar. Brohoof.
  13. How did they do the disappearing font thing? That's a neat trick to know.
  14. Everybody get random!

    We've come here from Telltale to take your milk money. Or cookies. Preferably white chocolate macadamia.