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  1. really looking forward to this game!
  2. C0mBineD

    Day 8

    amazing work!
  3. I'm willing to bet the talking tree was first to the left where the snake is. and that you couldnt get to shellmound from the forest. you would actually have to take the tram. I base this theory on when we saw a video where the lumberjack was controlled for testing and he went to a tree to the left (snake direction) and asked it some questions. I remember the axe to mouth joke came from the video. and it would have made the game seem less linear too if you could go to two locations from meriloft, with the tram and all.
  4. yeah sorry poll was added kind of last minute the title of my thread makes it a little biased. however I think it is not a biased poll in itself. I am pretty sure I covered all the options for difficulty
  5. ah that sounds great I have no doubts they will deliver an excellent act 2
  6. I loved act 1, very pretty looking game and great sound design! props for everyone working on it. There was always lots of things moving on the screen which made the world feel alive. massive props for the animation crew! And ofcourse the coders and writers the game is very witty and funny and it works very nice! (only when I checked the mailbox of curtis vella walked all the way to the back of the screen and then popped right next to the mailbox somehow but oh well I dont mind that.) But I have one issue it was pretty easy. the only thing I kind of had to think about was constructing the deathray and deafeating the mog chothra. I dont know if it is a big issue to make something more difficult maybe give less hints or give hints when someone has been stuck somewhere for over an hour I am not sure. So as a backer that is my feedback I think. very nice game once again I enjoyed it very much. And for everyone saying that it only takes 4 hours.. With an adventure game the game's length is not predetermined. Also is there more than 1 way to solve puzzles? because I dont think there is and I remember Tim talk about that in one of the early documentary episodes.
  7. Just in debug and edit mode I'm afraid. ;-) it would be extremely helpful for playing on mobile devices. I hope it gets in!
  8. why is his hair suddenly combed the other direction when hes with his back towards us?
  9. with the voices and music the game is really getting to life even more! I'm getting hypeddddddd
  10. so is the lumberjack playable at some point in the game? I'm so confused why he is still used, and those scenes look nice
  11. the setting of DOTT was pretty bleak too. and full throttle also. but the games themselves were filled with lighthearted humour. I think we will get just what we backed. and besides why do you feel cheated when you havent even played the game yet
  12. amazing! thank you everyone at double fine and 2pp. you never cease to amaze and make me feel like I'm part of a bigger thing
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