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  1. I'd like to add a few more pieces of UI feedback, or rather, improvements I would like to see, here. Note that I am not a premium level backer but I have been watching streams of the game being played. - Enlarge the scrollbars on the side of scrollable panels based on the percentage of content visible within that panel. For instance, like the web browser you're using to view this very page! I really dislike scrollbars which use a fixed-sized dot as it gives me no information about how much the panel will scroll if I move a certain distance. - Make the "End Turn" button more visually impressive and important, similar to how it is treated in games like Civilization or Total War (e.g. make it a big hourglass icon or something). It currently looks like it was sort of just added in hastily, despite it arguably being the most important interface element in the battle screen UI. It could also do some cool animations when it's the enemy's turn or something. - There appears to be very little gratification for winning a battle. I find the end of battle screen to be a bit ... underwhelming? It just sort of pops in when you win or lose, rather than there being some cool "Massive Victory!" text/animation and corresponding victory music (think of something like Dota 2's victory sequences). - I feel that the big "LEVEL UP!" that flashes over a hero at the end of battle looks kind of hokey. All this said, I don't know if the UI is complete yet, or if there is going to be another pass of polish on it. One thing I wish the UI did have, is art for random events, like in Crusader Kings 2. However, I understand that the game probably doesn't budget for this.
  2. Hey guys. I've gotten carts with wheels (animated!), acceleration, braking, cart collision (in theory), they can go up hills etc., and there's 360 controller support. I'm not exactly sure how to submit them here, but they're uploaded to my git repo forked from an earlier version of this one. https://github.com/Randdalf/bad-golf-community-edition I posted this in the cart sim issues thread on GitHub too. It's pretty fun to drive about!
  3. If you changed your backer email at any point it might be worth checking your old email address, since that was there my key was sent (the address that I used to purchase the game with as a slacker backer).
  4. It's telling me that I can't play the video with my "current setup" for some reason...
  5. I completely agree about XCOM, especially since I played Fire Emblem before it, the lack of visual tools for discerning enemy range and movement really hinders my enjoyment of that game. It's even more important in a game like Massive Chalice with melee combat because you don't want to leave your weaker units in melee range of enemies, not having a visual interface for predicting enemy movement would be big concern.
  6. So to get the edge buffer are you convolving some kind of image derivative kernel over the normal buffer like the Sobel operator?
  7. My personal favourite is this one Guy manages to finish Super Mario World by exploiting Yoshi's ability to eat null objects and hence modify the memory of the SNES.
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