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  1. Loved it! Thank you guys and good luck for the release. I'm sure it will be a huge success.
  2. So, i just finished act 1 today. After spending 1h every day (unfortunataly i have to work - no like in the good old days after school playing till my eyes closed *G*) i was realy sad after it was over. It has took me in this beautiful world with this perfect images, sounds, voices and music and dialogs ... Maybe it was a little to easy to play through, but i guess it's kind of subjective. Others may feel different. Or maybe after playing all the old adventure games you'r not so easally to pleased with riddles All in all I'm happy to got my money into this even after the kickstarter campaign was closed. It was worth it and i can't wait to see this amazing story "playing" on. Thank you for all the hard work and the love for the details!!! Cheers from Germany Andreas
  3. The only thing that's hard about this is there is no "if we reach this goal" meter and sense of community rallying. If I send $50 I don't know if anyone else did, and if that $50 will go to "waste" so to speak because not enough people donated. I would give another $5-$15 if I knew I would only get billed if the amount of money they needed was reached. Is it possible to do this OUTSIDE of kickstarter to avoid the fee? And I agree, it's not a sympathy thing. I just have waited FOREVER for a good adventure game by people I want to make it making it... I know it will be good if they stay on budget. I only paid $15 I don't mind paying $30 for a better game. I have faith in DF! Well, i just did it again. $50 less to worry about ... hope more will join
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