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    Student of pretty pictures
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    Hey, Im Jack! I'm studying illustration, and you know, wanna be a pro at that! I love comics, videogames and cartoons!
  1. This stuff is AMAZING! Can't wait to play through these wonderful worlds!
  2. What inspired the art style of the game, and how do you feel it fits in with the story?
  3. Thank you! You can see my work at my dA page, as well as my Facebook page!
  4. It occurred to me that I've never done any Double Fine based art, so I decided to change that! I would say that Psychonauts is close to my top game! It can be seen here if the image doesn't load http://deverefro.deviantart.com/
  5. If you guys did an art book, I would buy it in a heart beat! Can't wait for the Brutal Legend one...But how about one for that other game, you know, the one with all the brains and telekinetic bears! My shelf is crying out for more Double Fine!. Great episode! Really love this series!
  6. Now double fine can be with me where ever I go, YAHOO!
  7. That was such a fantastic video. I just want all of that art! This is why I became a Slacker Backer! And this is why Double Fine are so wonderful. And I have discovered many new artists to love! INSPIRED!
  8. That is both amazing, and terrifying! Ace work! His eyes look right through me =S
  9. Oh wow, I love your use of colour! And the style is so great!
  10. Jack-D

    Raz as a Polecat

    Thats amazing! All my thumbs up!
  11. Jack-D

    Mac version?

    I'd love too see this hit mac, I already have psychonauts on everything that bleeps! And this looks ace!
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