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  1. If the Steam version of Mnemonic isn’t working for you, right-click on the game in steam, then go to -> Properties -> Local Files -> Browse Local Files, and then run Mnemonic_NoSteam.exe (it's worth the effort!)
  2. There is a ending cutscene in the files that come with the game that I haven't been able to get to in game yet... I think it probably involves just surviving after the house fire part, but to be honest, I can't be bothered to sit through all the super slow dialogue again to get to that part (if I KNEW it would work I'd probably try). The data files also have lots of other interesting stuff there (all the dialogue), and it looks like there are probably some cheat messages you could type to speed the game along (once you've played it, obviously), but I didn't manage to figure them out in the few minutes I spent on it.
  3. Loved this game! Really felt like a complete package, the whole idea of the memories and the hub was really interesting and well done. Could easily see this being turned into a much larger game. The fact that certain areas of things (ex newspapers) were blurred out because they hadn't been read was genius. It also felt GREAT to figure out the key thing by myself, such a satisfying little puzzle Note: If the Steam version isn't working for you, right-click on the game in steam, then go to -> Properties -> Local Files -> Browse Local Files, and then run Mnemonic_NoSteam.exe
  4. Just found a bug/exploit, if you hold left click while tapping right click, you can do the front leg stomp really fast.
  5. You can walk backwards (hold S) to escape the house at that point.... Not sure what comes after though, I just keep getting overtaken by the buds.
  6. Quite a few non-gaming companies do this sort of thing: Google has 20% time. 37 Signals gives its employees 1 month of "work on whatever you want" every year, and 4 day weeks during the summer. Facebook does 24 hour "hackathons" every couple months. Dropbox does a company wide "hack-week": http://techcrunch.com/2012/03/26/a-peek-inside-dropboxs-company-wide-hack-week-at-its-big-new-sf-offices/ In games, I think a lot of smaller companies do things like this... Capy does a game jam every year: http://www.capybaragames.com/2012/01/capy-jam-2-the-games/ Unity does a week-long event called Ninja Camp every year: http://unity3d.com/ninjacamp etc.
  7. Can you post your system specs? I'm most interested in CPU, GPU, RAM, OS, and the type of mouse you own. Also, do you have any other input-like devices like a gamepad or a Wacom plugged in? Here's my full dxdiag output: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/4104181/DxDiag.txt This stuff is all in that dxdiag, but for the basics: I use dual monitors running at 1680x1050. Graphics card is an ATI HD Radeon 5700. CPU is an Intel Q6600. 4gb ram, OS is Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit. I have a Wacom Intuos tablet but I don't plug it in except for when I'm using it (so it's unplugged now). I know what it feels like when the Wacom interferes with the mouse movement, and unfortunately it's a very different feel from this. My mouse is a Logitech G5 with a glass Steelseries mousemat. I play a ton of CS:Source (and other FPSes) so I'm positive that this Autonomous stuff is very strange behaviour for my setup. I could take a video of what I'm seeing with Fraps, but I don't think it'd tell you much unless you could see what I was also actually doing with my mouse at the same time. I've tried it on lowest and highest settings, as well as windowed and full screen, and it's always weird. I think it's *slightly* better on low settings, but not a whole lot. It feels kinda like there's crazy random OSX-style mouse acceleration going on... If I had to explain it, it's almost like every single mouse event that my mouse sends is being cached by the game's mouse logic and eventually replayed. Imagine if my mouse was sending events at 60hz but the game was only playing them back at 15hz without skipping any, or something like that... but it does catch up, it's not like it lags longer and longer as the game goes on, it just always has this really delayed squishy molassesey feel. Hope that helps!
  8. Agreed with @BoltR! This was absolutely my favourite of all the pitches by far.
  9. Does anyone else have issues with the mouse control in Autonomous feeling totally messed up? It feels like I'm trying to move my mouse through a pile of rats. It's all spongey and weird and slow and totally random... I guess maybe there's a chance they made it intentionally this way, but I kinda feel like there's just something weird going on for me. It has issues both when looking around and when using the mouse as a cursor. Just to reiterate, it's not a sensitivity issue, and it's not a little bit bad. It's *really* bad. I noticed on the final day when Autonomous was streamed that they complained a lot about how bad the mouse was... but then it made me think, maybe the mouse wasn't bad, but the actual game was screwing up somehow. Maybe they were seeing the same issue that I am, but they just didn't notice. All that said, I love the game, and I'm trying to play it a lot, but this mouse issue is making it almost completely unplayable (or at least unenjoyable).
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