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  1. So many seem to have trouble understanding this.
  2. If you got any knowledge of business you'd know that they go hand in hand. of course, but demanding and not delivering is not the way to go in this case. what if tim decides in another 6 months that he still hasn't collected enough money? i "invested" my money into the development of this game, so far i got nothing other than the great documentary (2P did a great job, srsly!), but thats not what i paid for. unfortunately i can't cancel my "investment", its not clear stated where all the money went and there's nobody who can set a deadline or milestones (like a publisher would in this case). after DF announced another kickstarter project (massive chalice) things doesn't seem so good anymore like they would, if they would focus on finishing one game and starting another later. yeah, DF is a big studio with small teams, yadada, but for me, it seems like they're collecting money to fund all of their projects they're working on and not collecting millions of dollars for finishing one damn 2d adventure. You also seem to have misunderstood what "investing" is. You have no insurance that your investment will turn out to be good. I can't invest in stocks and then go complain when they don't rise as I'd like.
  3. It would be interesting to see more Financial updates in the "Production Updates" panel here. Monthly reports of where the majority of the money went and so on would probably interest a lot of people.
  4. If you got any knowledge of business you'd know that they go hand in hand.
  5. How will this work for the backers? Do we get a steam key for the early access so we can play it or do we have to pay for it again? Either way i'm all for it, especially if it's well done. We have seen episodic games work before. Handle the ending of episode 1 gracefully so that i get the feeling I've played a polished game and not a beta version.
  6. The White Birch Audio Thread

    Is there a full version of the track? I really like it!
  7. You could also think of it this way; Our brain is a giant class that sorts out different components. Whenever we want to do something it calls the correct component(s). Clearly more advance than the code we can make but this was just to give you a different perspective
  8. I would guess that there has to be a Component loaded for the movement at all times. Therefore the program knows that there has to be a movement component loaded and it uses it. I'd think that this is true for most other components as well. Some might have to check if it's loaded first eg. if(CoAttack = loaded){ //then do the attack things here, if not skip it } (**not real code i know**). Another way might be to have an array or vector. That's basically a list that stores information. When you load a new component you add it in the list and then there is a loop which checks how many components are in the list and calls them all respectively. But for this to work all the components "main-call function" has to be named the same. example: for(check and load item from list here) { itemLoaded.action(); } Hope this cleared it up for you!
  9. Well when they call for the function dance they have to go through the loaded component. Therefore they have to chose which component to call the function through eg. CoJanitor.dance() or CoGentleBot.dance(). But even smarter (and more likely) there is a separate competent (not used in the examples) to control the bots gestures and the dance() function lies in there. That way you'd only have to call for that when you want to make the bot gesture, like so: CoGestures.dance(); CoGestures.wave(); ...and so on! So CoJanitor/CoGentleBot doesn't hold any information about the gestures och movement of the bot, it only holds the janitor/gentlebot specific behaviors. Hope that helped!
  10. O for sure. I really like the hairstyle, gives the impression she has thick hair. I would prefer if the skirt went lower or if her legs were shorter. I am not a fan or long thin legs, looks so "childish".
  11. Help me catch up!

    Hello! I just pledged to this project. What threads do i need to read to catch up? What is the story about the game so far? Also, where do i find all the video content? EDIT: I just found this : "http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/6794/"... how could i miss it before Guess that covers it. Thanks anyways!
  12. By having a location like the Bermuda triangle(or something else not completely understood) you could have an excuse for the player to go basically everywhere just a brief moment. Right now i am playing monkey island 2. What if there are some scenes in the new game which references to older games. Like a dream scene where you'll re-live some parts from psychonauts. Or just see them play out in the background. Same goes for something in the monkey island universe. Maybe you see guybrush in the far distance getting thrown up in the air by LeChuck. This would be kind of a plot-hole if the games aren't in the same universes, but still something to have in mind. Now for locations i'd like to visit. - Secret cave under the waterfall (you'd have to carry a torch) - Cave could lead up to an magical forest. Dammit... usually have loads of great ideas.. Will have to check back later!