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    I'm Vicente Numpaque, I love the amazing world of adventure games, I believe it has been one of the things that really moved me to get in to the industry. I'm studying right now Entertainment & Design at the art department. I would love to be a part of a team like double fine... So I'm working hard to reach the goal!
  1. Hopefully it will be available also for non-$500+ backers (perhaps at the $250 we gave for it implicitly?). I know I wouldn't mind. It would probably also help to get the per unit cost down (alternatively make it an even more awesome book with really good binding etc). We're only doing the hardcover of the art book for the $500 backers, but it will be available in other forms to everyone. Digital is for certain, and a soft cover edition is something we'll have to think about. Thanks for considering this about big artbook hehe! : D for me it would be the soft cover edition then, since i like more to have that beautiful art in my hands! : D V.
  2. oh oh......... There was a pledge for an artbook??? I WANT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. This was really nice, and hopefully it also it's a great opportunity to suggest Peter to show more of his inspiring work online, Thank guys!!!
  4. My third time watching this episode, and I just can say that I can't get enough of it, well played guys!!! For me this episode means a lot, I remember seeing Peter Chan's name on full throttle credits and I was asking myself, where can I find more about this guy!!!!! so I was so glad when the documentary got in depth about his life, specially I found touching that moment where he told the story about the drawings that his father kept, and then looking at that can full of unused concepts all of them non trashed actually : ) I wanna be a Peter Chan in the future : ) as far as the process goes, it's really an all stars team and every concept and piece developed it's exceptionally awesome, I love the fact that this guys work mainly traditional and that's the big soul of the project. About the story, I love the fact that there are two separate stories that might have 2 or 3 possible endings? with different things intertwined to eachother? Can wait to see more about all of the art process so I hope you go more and more indepth in the art creation process. Thank you again so much for inspire me all the DF Team : ) V. ps. a little sketch of Ben I did : )
  5. Areneght here are some resources that you might find useful www.cghub.com www.conceptart.com fu*ckyeahconceptart.tumblr.com/ specially sites like cghub and concept art have tons of information inside the forums about the process of preproduction! V. : )
  6. I would also suggest that for fans gamers who are not related into what it takes to start a game from pre-production to better do some research before doing any input that can be maybe wrong. Any good product just takes some time and a great team behind to support it, and that's what Double Fine has.
  7. I really don't think it will be great... IT WILL BE BRUTAL, IT WILL BE AWESOME!
  8. I Personally don't like the word critics.... but more I prefer to reframe the word into something that can add to an idea, not to destroy it. o it's better to keep in mind that every comment that you do is something that can help to improve the idea or the process, other than else it's to get stuck and to have people to feel stuck. And we don't want that, do we?
  9. IT'S ALIIIIIIIIIIVEEE IT'S ALIIIIIIIIVE!!!!!!! and makes me so happy hey guys, don't sweat it too much, remember that everything that you see here it's Progress. and as far as I can see I just love what DF team is doing, and more important, where this is going! the animation test it's awesome, doing paintovers which I think it's constructive criticisism don't have to be taken seriously... I mean, how the lumberjack looks on the animation test it's a really good proof of what can be achieved, and how the post starts makes it more clear, this character was done "quickly" to start looking for the feel of the next characters coming. Those are the ones who will receive a complete treatment in character exploration.. My only hope at this point it's to see a character like Glotis, I love it! Me loving all related to character design let me thank you once again for sharing this, If you can over time show the full creation process of the main characters in the video game and talking about your thought progress would be great to learn from it V.
  10. Thanks a lot for the insights, I guess it's a bit overwhelming keeping so many things in mind when it's not just about to paint nicely but also consider all those things about performance inside the game engine : ) V.
  11. Lee, thanks a lot for sharing your Vision, hopefully in the next updates i'll learn about you develop that vision thru the experience of your past work!
  12. being an audiophile I like the special attention to every detail and in this case sound it's a hit point! Great stuff Anna, can't wait to start hearing the first tests of sound : ) V.
  13. All I gotta say at this point is WOW!, 2 player productions, you are doing helluva job doing this documentary!, for the Red Team! congratulations, seeing this makes my day so much, one of the cool things about seeing this it's how teamwork and communication plays a very important part in the creation process. Direct, and straight ahead ideas flavored with the fun that you guys had searching for the codename. I would love to be a part of your team. I'm so inspired to keep developing my skills and grow to at some point meet you guys. V.
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