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  1. Here's a sentence I never thought I'd say: That Hitler story is hilarious!
  2. I've tried playing the game with a PS3 controller on Xbox settings using the DS3 Tool, as I do with many other games, but it doesn't quite work. My controller will let me look right, or right and diagonally, but not up, down or left. Has anyone else experienced this? Is there a way of fixing this problem? I realise the lack of a hidden feature won't ruin the game, but it seems a waste to have one-and-a-half working interfaces.
  3. Overall, I love this game. The only thing I really didn't like was when story progression was required for unrelated events to occur. Specifically, the part where you have to speak to the contact which somehow opens the courtroom, and then finish the court case which somehow turns on the jukebox. It basically needs you to progress the plot and check the entire world to see what changed.
  4. A city in the sky sitting on a giant kite. No, thousands of small kites! No, a small number of kites that move under peoples' feet! A land of no land, just falling. A village built in the eyebrows of a narcoleptic giant. The forest of really heavy mushrooms, with the problem of spontaneously collapsing trees. A crystal house that projects shadow puppets from direct sunlight. Maybe just a world inhabited by shadow puppets. Edit: Opposite land. Opposite land's opposite land or "same world" where everything is opposite to opposite land but in a slightly different way. eg. Gravity works in the opposite direction, but everything's upside-down. Cats chase dogs, but they run backwards. Everything's on fire, but fire is cold. Scaly birds swim underwater and feathered fish fly. I could go on. Ninja village that's seemingly uninhabited. Firework forest. Point-and-click planet, where flocks of cursors keep telling you what to do. Puppet forest. A place where the inhabitants are puppets hanging from trees, or more accurately, smart ventriloquist trees with puppets. Maybe with jack-in-the-box seeds. [del]Land of the dead.[/del] (no, too clichéd) Soup volcano. Mirror world that's impossible to enter because mirror-you is in the way. Also, vampires don't exist. Backwards world, where you have to disassemble useful items and return their components back to their original owners.
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