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  1. I feel incredibly embarrassed when listening to that theme. Why have lyrics at all? Do like Melee or something else with a lot of energy and fanfare.
  2. Can you see where it's leaking from? If you changed the drain assembly, then maybe the pipes below are the problem?
  3. I found this very high-quality action figure while on vacation in Albania:
  4. That sounds like a really good foundation. I mean, you know each other really well from before, and you decide to get together based on that. Sounds like the definition of how to start a relationship from a textbook:)
  5. Haha! That's a great expression! And a beautiful cat.
  6. I really want to have a cat, but my my life situation prevents me from getting one in good conscience.
  7. Those are some nice cats! Cat time is the best kind of quality time. I don't have a cat, unfortunately. But I met this gentleman when I was walking today:
  8. Haha! No worries. I think the three of us all just wanted to air some frustration. Hope things work out for you and for you, Jenni! I play some new games (Civilization VI, the XCOM 2 expansion, and Prey), but I don't think that there are many others here who are particularly interested in those games. Except mr. Big Bird, of course.
  9. I fear I may be on the way out of a relationship for the second time in a year. Adult life is hard sometimes.
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