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  1. I agree somewhat. The second game, though, mostly took place in the police station, which was another version of the mansion. Don't forget, though, that the games are called Biohazard in Japan, and that the developers probably aren't consciously aware of the fact that the title outside of Japan has anything to do with residences.
  2. I quit my job today! Goodbye low-paying French comapny where I have 11 bosses and salaries are secret. Hello Swedish company with a flat structure, better pay and equal salaries.
  3. I have no kids, so me and my friends just have a big breakfast before going outside to enjoy singing and ice cream. But because of the weather this year, we didn't go outside until four o' clock. Which meant we had a seven hour breakfast! We then went to another friend's place to have sausages, before going out for a drink in the evening. Pretty good day.
  4. Today was our national day, and it's the one huge holiday we celebrate that is (obviously) not shared by other nations. It feels very strange to look at news sites, observing that people elsewhere are actually working. I keep thinking "Whaaaat? Why aren't you eating cake and sausages while drinking beer, instead of..." before I remember that everywhere is not here.
  5. I have been enjoying the game quite a lot, but I have the same problem with it that I had with Banjo-Tooie: Some of the levels are too big for me. The snow level is structured around some easy to spot landmarks and thus easy to navigate. The swamp/halloween level, on the other hand, is very big, has a sprawling layout, and is super confusing. I have no other complaints, though.
  6. I watched the recording of the end stream now, and I'm shocked at how well your prototype turned out. Great work! I'm looking forward to trying it, and hoping this will be a full game.
  7. Oh yes! https://www.fig.co/campaigns/phoenix-point Time to pull out the crowdfunding money again!
  8. Which can be shortened to just S. "Sssssssssss"
  9. Possibly. But then Guybrush got transformed into a child and all that.
  10. Growing up, I never wondered what the secret of Monkey Island was, because I considered it completely explained in the first game: A ghost ship full of ghost pirates hiding in a sea of lava inside Monkey Island. I don't remember Monkey 2 refering to the secret at all, probably because Ron Gilbert didn't think there was a secret anymore. The secret of Big Whoop was much more ambigious, and what people are thinking about, I guess?
  11. Oh, man! I was on Tinder a couple of years ago, and there were so many people that wrote just "Netflix and chill" as their profile text. I thought "Holy mother of death - these people are the most boring people in the universe", partly because so many boring people at work actually just spend their time on the Sofa, watching Netflix. I was then later told about the true meaning, and I laughed. But I also felt a shiver of depression since the name Netflix has come to mean that specific thing. I mean, come on! We are using a stupid brand name to mean something that through history has been refered to with endless poetry and beautiful metaphors. So in conclusion, Anemone: I think you were better off this way. She was not a keeper.
  12. "Every day until we die" is the correct answer to that question. You could also throw in a "(Which may be soon)" for extra effect.
  13. Working as a consultant in the field of IT and management. It was terribly boring for the first two years, but the last year has been mostly very fun. My relationship with my girlfriend recently ended, and I'm now considering whether to move back to my hometown or somewhere else to try something new. I'm very fond of movies, and just resurrected my old film club. We will watch Blue Jasmin on Wednesday.