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  1. Oh no... That looks just bad. However: I would like to put out that this person seems to look at backing the project as a "purchase", as many other Kickstarter backers do. Yes, the box looks bad. But this person did not "buy it for $60".
  2. I thought you really disliked X-Com? If so: beware the Rabbids!
  3. It's generally looking good on my Android 7.1 phone, except for a few things: The overlapping text of the post count with the post time and the low contrast text on the orange bars (see "Announcements" in the screenshot).
  4. I liked The Wolf Among Us quite a lot, but it would have been better as a movie or a three part miniseries. The "game" aspect of it was minimal, and mostly underwhelming. The episodic aspect didn't work for me either, as the wait between episodes was too long. I'll probably buy it if the reviews are good, but after all the episodes are released.
  5. I had the same thing two summers ago. I was lonely. The cafeteria was also closed. I really liked singing out loud, as I can never do that in the office otherwise. Feels liberating!
  6. Interesting point! I can see that, though I find both aspects fascinating. I just remembered the main villain in the first Men in Black movie. He is one of the funniest cases of body degradation I have seen in the movies.
  7. I've also seen Slither, but I would not say that the effects were the strong side of that movie. However, that movie is a wacko dark comedy, and it's much easier to be forgiving of effects in comedies. They served that movie well. The Thing, on the other hand, is not a comedy, except for some mild satire about the human nature. You're supposed to take it seriously, and then your brain switches into a much more critical mode. The final effect in The Thing, which is made with stop-motion animation, is far less effective (and almost immersion breaking for me) than the rest of the effects, but it is not really poorly made. It would have worked fine in a comedy. Why don't you like The Fly? I love the tragic personal aspect connected in combination with the body horror, and the effects are great. It is my second favourite Cronenberg body horror after Videodrome. Videodrome is fantastic.
  8. I agree, but that only works with practical effects. The moment they use a computer animated body transformation, my suspension of disbelief just shuts off, and I stop being impressed. Part of the appeal of The Thing is thinking "how on Earth did they do that?"
  9. The Olsen twins are super young actors that specialize in playing super young people. They even play the same roles sometimes! They probably shouldn't create a marriage pact with each other, but it generates strong cinematic tension in hot's award-winning romantic comedy.
  10. Younger! Younger! You need the Olsen twins.
  11. So the deal is to get married if they're both single at 60? I guess personality is all that matters by then, anyhow.
  12. I started a new career in Kerbal Space Program, and I had almost forgotten just how good the game is. I could certainly see myself calling it the best game I have ever played.
  13. I bought three lamps for far too much money from a pub that's renovating.
  14. Yes. But because of technical limitations at the time, they could only have 256 of them.
  15. Holy hell. That sounds disgusting. It probably ate something. Maybe a plant? A chocolate bar?