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  1. I’m playing Psychonauts properly for the first time! I tried it two years ago, but I didn't have a proper controller back then, and it was impossible without. I’ve been having a bit of a bumpy ride, where a couple of the first levels were not that fun for me (the disco level in particular), but I just finished the lungfish level and the milkman level, and they were great! I think I may have glitched through something, though, as the story snapped from one thing to another just before the lungfish level, and I’m confused about what’s going on. All in all: I’m more excited to keep playing this game than any other game in a long time!
  2. Do you drive a car? If so: Winter tyres are a great investment. Coming from a land of snow myself, I've seen how dangerous bad tyres can be. If you take the bus: They probably have their equipment in order, I guess?
  3. Ah! But pain brings strength, and strength brings happiness. Just do a light abdomnial workout in the near future, and you'll be fine again. I thought you had been in an accident.
  4. Ouch! How on Earth did that happen?
  5. I really don't understand why people dislike character relative controls (tank controls) so much. Why is it so difficult to relate to them? Is it easy for me because I experienced them growing up? They completely remove the "cumbersome camera" problem, and allow for so many interesting camera angles. Why can't we have games that use either one or the other, and not ONLY camera relative controls?
  6. It's easy to look at cases like this and think "All famous men are offenders". But don't forget that there are no news stories about famous men who are NOT offenders. If there was a news story about all non-offenders, you would get the impression that the huge majority is not offenders. That said, becoming famous often requires you to be a specific kind of person, who is willing to step over bodies to get what you want. I'm guessing that the percentage of famous people who are offenders is larger than the average in the general population, but it's still really small.
  7. Cool! And how is the game? Did you finish it all? How does it compare to Galaxy and 64?
  8. And I see that people are upset about the change, especially losing their "likes"?
  9. Psychonauts 2 content in A Hat in Time?

    From what I have seen, the content is not at all story related, and is more of a nod to Raz. I really can not say anything more without spoiling it, but I would say that there is very little to spoil. I do not now where to find it.
  10. So it's a looooong time until it comes out, but Paul Ford and Fred Reiche III just announced that they're making a sequel to Star Control II. https://dogarandkazon.squarespace.com/ Star Control II is one of the best games I have ever played. It's a great mix between an adventure game, an action game and sort of an exploration game. The story is really good, the characters and dialogue are fantastic, and the music is out of this world. Ford and Reiche have been making Skylanders games for an eternity now, and I'm really hoping they're able to go back to Star Control and make a new great game. I'm really excited, but it's way too early, really.
  11. Psychonauts 2 in the media

    Great update! I almost didn't recognize Zak without the moustache, by the way.
  12. I have a very good impression of the game in general, so it's the Ipad version I'm curious about. It would be perfect to play on the sofa on a Sunday.
  13. The Witness is out on the Ipad. Has anyone tried it out? It's definitely interesting to me, if the controls are functional.
  14. Congratulations! I also remember that transition as scary, but it worked out really well after a couple of weeks. I'm sure that the same will happen to you. Moving to new places is also a great chance to change things in your life that are hard to change once you're settled down.