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  1. I feel incredibly embarrassed when listening to that theme. Why have lyrics at all? Do like Melee or something else with a lot of energy and fanfare.
  2. hey guys post more im bored

    I'll take the shame - anything that would make me feel something.
  3. hey guys post more im bored

    Even the fascinating drain leakage discussion didn't lead anywhere
  4. hey guys post more im bored

    Can you see where it's leaking from? If you changed the drain assembly, then maybe the pipes below are the problem?
  5. hey guys post more im bored

    I found this very high-quality action figure while on vacation in Albania:
  6. hey guys post more im bored

    That sounds like a really good foundation. I mean, you know each other really well from before, and you decide to get together based on that. Sounds like the definition of how to start a relationship from a textbook:)
  7. hey guys post more im bored

    That's great! Does it feel right?
  8. hey guys post more im bored

    You think death is a valid reason for leaving work? Nononono.
  9. Haha! That's a great expression! And a beautiful cat.
  10. I really want to have a cat, but my my life situation prevents me from getting one in good conscience.
  11. Those are some nice cats! Cat time is the best kind of quality time. I don't have a cat, unfortunately. But I met this gentleman when I was walking today:
  12. hey guys post more im bored

    Yeah. This place is really dead now.
  13. hey guys post more im bored

    Haha! No worries. I think the three of us all just wanted to air some frustration. Hope things work out for you and for you, Jenni! I play some new games (Civilization VI, the XCOM 2 expansion, and Prey), but I don't think that there are many others here who are particularly interested in those games. Except mr. Big Bird, of course.
  14. hey guys post more im bored

    I fear I may be on the way out of a relationship for the second time in a year. Adult life is hard sometimes.
  15. hey guys post more im bored

    And there is a dfaf group der?