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  1. The Witness is out on the Ipad. Has anyone tried it out? It's definitely interesting to me, if the controls are functional.
  2. Congratulations! I also remember that transition as scary, but it worked out really well after a couple of weeks. I'm sure that the same will happen to you. Moving to new places is also a great chance to change things in your life that are hard to change once you're settled down.
  3. In Berlin for a wedding this week. I really like Germany, but I hate that it's so few places where you can pay by card here. (For instance in the taxi cab from the airport.) I guess we're spoiled in Scandinavia with a really good infrastructure for electronic payment. I can even pay with a phone app in many stores.
  4. Thank you for sharing your thoughts! I'm interested in the new mission types and mechanics, but I'm super skeptical of the rpg /story stuff. The less people talk in the new Xcom games, the better for me, and I didn't like the new characters in Xcom 2 particularly much. I will probably buy the expansion at some point, but I really hope that they didn't go all out with the chosen characters.
  5. So the expansion is good? Or is it just the regular xcom addiction kicking in?
  6. Thanks! Yes, I wasn't really implying that swedes are necessarily great people But the company culture and organisation seems much better, and they seem much more capable of performing tasks than my current employer. And they have a proper flat structure that fits much better into the nordic society in general than the insanely hierarchical structure of my current french employer.
  7. @CecilRousso Yes, I'm quite stressed. I don't think the data is lost, but I'm anxious about how to get everything I need, and the time it takes to set everything up again before Monday. I'm so tired of the management and backend parts of my employer that I almost just gave up today, thinking "I'm leaving, anyway." But I want the project to have good results. Blah. I'm hoping that my upcoming Swedish employer is better. I sure seems like it!
  8. My employer is such a disastrous organisation. I have to take a train to another city tomorrow, because the project we are working on has all its data on a server with no service agreement. Now, the server is down, and nobody in the organisation knows how to get it online, or cares about it. I have no sever experience, and I have to try to get all our files out and onto an external hard drive. Everything we have made is on that server, which is a project for a customer worth about $3 million. The project is supposed to be handed over to the customer next Friday, and I'm supposed to fix a lot of issues these days, not ride trains for several hours. They called me half an hour ago and told me that they have never performed a backup of the server. I was horrified, and told my boss. He said "That's not good. But I'm sure it will work out." I'm leaving my employer on the same day that the project finishes.
  9. Please Don't Forget Android Users

    I know that Android users in general spend far less money on apps than IOS users, but I'm curious about the cross-platform multiplayer titles. I've been playing a lot of Ticket To Ride (which is a very popular game) with a friend who has an Iphone, and I would think that many Android users buy that game because they know Iphone users who want to play. Or maybe I'm just being too optimistic.
  10. The only 2017 game I have bought is Resident Evil 7, and it's just too scary for me. Seems good, though. I want to play Prey, and you might like Galactic Civilization III: Crusade? I don't know if this year is worse than previous years, as there are so few big budget games these days that seem very interesting to me.
  11. Wikipedia tells me that those frogs are poisonous. Did the cat or your brother feel it?
  12. I will have nightmares now, thank you!
  13. Transport Tycoon Deluxe. It's one of those games that I'm never able to truly abandon.