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  1. Has Discord replaced the forum? I don't really know what Discord is, and I don't understand it by googling.
  2. I just purchased a Switch on sale. I don't really need it, but I'm unable to pass on Nintendo consoles.
  3. 1) I don't really know you. 2) 15-45 3) Yes. 4) When I put it there, yes. 5) You're all disgusting to me.
  4. I started playing XCOM 2: War of The Chosen, which is the expansion pack to XCOM 2. I liked XCOM 2 a lot, except for some of the story stuff with the characters on the base. The expansion has taken that story stuff and boosted it 10 times, to the point where you're flooded with cutscenes of people and aliens talking all the time. The new aliens (The Chosen) are some kind of childish purple humanoid assassin aliens with ridiculous human outfits and human characteristics (one has giant grey hair, one has british teeth, etc.) that are so far past the fourth wall that I'm constantly wondering how I'm supposed to react to anything they do. We now get to see cutscenes of The Chosen hanging around their base and talking about their motivations and plans, despite there being no reason for how we should know that. So when the rest of your team is discussing what The Chosen are and what they are up to, I already know that, and I'm supposed to be the commander of the XCOM team. What on earth were they thinking when they made the game this way? The Chosen are also talking to me on the world map over video chat ALL THE TIME, but those transmissions are apparently not seen by the rest of XCOM, because no-one comments on it. How are The Chosen capable of talking on my video phone? Doesn't that mean that they know where I am? Why aren't they attacking and destroying me? The answer is that they don't really know where I am - they have broken through the fourth wall completely, and are talking to me as a player, and not as a character in the game. It's pointless, annoying and overall a really strange design choice. Everything about The Chosen is frustratingly embarrassing. I already mentioned their looks, but they also have heavily computer distorted voices, terrible lines, and act like horrible brats. They are basically Scooby Doo villains in a game about alien domination of earth and eradication of mankind. I have to hold my hands in front of my eyes and hum a tune every time The Chosen are on the screen. Which feels like all the time. On the other hand, we have the new gameplay mechanics, which seem very nice so far. The soldiers now bond with eachother and get tired, forcing you to swap and mix up your teams a lot more. The two new classes I have seen so far are fun, but seem a bit too strong. There have been a couple of missions where you have to shoot dozens upon dozens of zombies that are not very fun (it gets old really fast as the enemies have little or no weight to them), but everything is mostly fun. So we have a mix of gameplay improvements but a lot of horrible characters and exposition. I'm not sure I'll be able to play through the game because of all the cringe and embarrassment, which is a big shame. I love XCOM in general. I just wish they had taken the 50s sci-fi B-movie story and style from Enemy Unknown and toned it down a bit. Not gone off in the overly serious, yet flat-on-the-face goofy direction that they did.
  5. They seem to have a hard time making any campaigns successful now, and the last big successful campaign was more than six months ago.
  6. So there appears to be a new Mario movie in the works. It's such a shame that Bob Hoskins died. I bet he would have loved to revisit his role.
  7. I just realised I may have shared the video before. I'm feeling a mild case of forum anxiety,
  8. The frontman in one of my favourite Norwegian bands has a bluegrass band on the side. They are a really fun liveband, and they sometimes take requests. So if someone asks for Super Mario, you get this:
  9. Perhaps it's just a guy who really likes writing school papers, and he created a system of bots to be able to help as many people as possible?
  10. Those posting bots fascinate me. They are able to create posts that sort of bake the topic of the thread into a sentence, but the grammar in the posts is always bad, and the internal logic is non-existing. I guess the bots must occationally fool people into cliking the links in the posts, since the bots still exist. But why people click the links is a complete mystery to me. I have seen my parents sometimes fall for semi plausible stuff, but they are a dying generation.
  11. English sites abbreviate Nintendo Switch as NS, which is the abbreviation for the nazi party that was partly in in control of Norway during WW2. Every time I see "NS", I feel a small jolt in my neck and think "what the..." before reality kicks in.
  12. Yeah, but he doesn't have access to a keyboard and mouse. There are very few kids today (at least in Norway) who do. My sister and brother in law might give him a 3DS or Switch next year, but I don't think they'll be buying a computer with mouse anytime soon.
  13. I'm watching my 5 year old nephew playing Minecraft on my brother in law's phone. It's fascinating to see what he does easily, and what he struggles with. He's generally very good at looking around, but he's not able to walk and turn at the same time, meaning that he has to point in the perfect direction before walking forwards, as he walks in a straight line indefinitely. He also doesn't understand strafing. I'm wondering if it would be easier if he was using a controller, and not a touch screen.