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    Yarn Pals by Rae

    So... wondering if there's any more word on a pattern possibility or Etsy Store?
  2. Love the remastered version. I miss the old tentacle jumping sounds, but the new ones are good too. In terms of being true to the original, the only puzzle that I wish had been altered was the squeaky mattress. No matter how many times I play it (15+ times at this point), the game never seems to understand my intent when I try to get the two mattresses switched. "Where'm I gonna put it? Where'm I gonna put it? Where'm I gonna put it?" I try 3 different verb combinations on the two beds, trying to get them to switch.
  3. Just writing to say thanks. I finished Act 2 and had a wonderful time. Someone needs to post update info or something like that to bump down that awful RockPaperShotgun review on Steam. When you look at the game in your library, you're greeted by that awful headline. Love what you guys do. I will pre-order the remaster of Day of the Tentacle, and any other story and character driven adventures you put out in the future. Act 2 is way too hard for my kids, but it makes me feel smart when the kids ask for hints.
  4. Just writing to say thanks to the team. I, my wife and kids, and everyone I bought this game for are really excited for part 2. So sad for all of the difficult changes.
  5. My favorite game of all time. So happy that it's coming back. My kids have already memorized the original version, and I'm sure we'll all tackle this one on day one. As far as features, I would enjoy Maniac Mansion in the game, but I've never been able to beat it because of the way it punishes you for making mistakes. If someone is going to go to the trouble of somehow updating Maniac Mansion, it would be nice to have it feel more in line with the superior sequel. I would like the sprites/characters to be nice and sharp, and true to the originals, as has been stated. The parallaxing video used on page one sure is neat, but it's probably cost-prohibitive to do that to the entire game. Again, thank you so much for revisiting my favorite game. I bought Grim Fandango today on GOG. It's a good time to be alive.
  6. Yeah! So so excited. Really sad about the Godus situation too. I'm extremely happy with Broken Age, and feel like all of the money that was put into it was managed appropriately. I have purchased 3 copies for family in the meantime on Steam, and they're all equally excited to see the rest of it. Thank you DF team for making this game so special.
  7. A couple of my buddies bought the game recently because of my word of mouth. It felt good to do my part. I'm trying to not just be the baby bird backer with his mouth hanging open to the sky waiting for more squishy goodness to fall in. To Tim and the team, thanks for your hard work. My seven year-old has been playing it through by herself, and we've had good Daddy moments when she gets stuck. As a fan of all of Tim's previous work, I appreciate the difficulty level. I know it's not as tricky as those first two Monkey Islands, and I know some backers wanted that, but I was happy that I was able to come to the right conclusion on the puzzles on my own. I still can't get through Monkey 2 without looking stuff up. On a final note, while I like TellTale, their prowess for storytelling doesn't compare to what we've seen here. (The comparison made by critics irked me to no end.) This game has defined 2014 for me, and you can bet I will do my part to Tweet and share when Act 2 magnanimously shows up on my Steam.
  8. I think the Steam pre-order idea is great. Especially where late-joiners will also be able to pay for and experience early releases of the game, and still contribute to the games creation. Tim, I'm dang excited for this game, and sincerely hope that too many compromises won't have to be made in order to let me explore it.
  9. Count me in on an android version as well! Love everything you do!
  10. Day of the Tentacle remains my favorite game of all time, in any genre. I bought it long before I had a computer that could run it, because I had played through it so many times at a friend's house. Watching Tim play the game was a magical moment for me. Tim, for what it's worth, I loved branching dialogue trees. The lines were so funny, and after playing so many Sierra adventures, it was refreshing that nothing I said, no matter how insensitive, ever got me killed or broke the game. Bioware was mentioned in the video. The Bioware approach to the dialogue trees would be awesome with the comedic style of a Double-Fine/Schafer game, because you would pick your intent for the dialogue, and then have the funny surprise of hearing how the character interpreted your intent. I would replay it endlessly trying to find every funny line.
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