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  1. Thanks! I think the challenge tech wise would be how we can help the content explosion that entails from different actions that you can take to change time. Does each change result in a whole new cutscene or vignette? Or can we add more AI systems to make things feel more natural, but not require a lot more content.
  2. Oh! That's interesting. Having a double pane view would be challenging technically, but a really interesting effect. Maybe picture in picture....
  3. I think there's two runs of the timeline. One where you recreate what happened the first time without any changes. It's in that mode where you figure out what sequences of events caused the event. And the second time around is where the more adventure game-y mechanics kick in where you try to solve the puzzle of what action needs to be done at what time. e.g. Open the door at 12:15 so that the cop can run through where in the original timeline they were locked out.
  4. Thanks! I think the interface is like traditional adventure games, but I don't think they'll be a bottomless inventory. I was thinking that it could be all based on what you can carry with each hand. But it's for sure something I'd want to develop with the team.
  5. Hah! That's one of the reasons why a game like this appeals to me, where you can go back in time and change things from a large historical level or even personal ones.
  6. Ohhh I see, yeah that's the trick with Amnesia Fortnight. The early ones (pre public) were more geared towards prototypes, and over time they all kind of became more polished complete experiences. It's interesting to see the evolution. I think for Empath we still want to give a satisfying chunk of gameplay, but the time travel mechanic does mean that we have to be more experimental with our approaches. The challenge will be trying to prevent a content explosion from all the changes that can happen in time.
  7. Thanks! I think Blade Runner did a similar thing with NPCs running their own schedule in real time. I never managed to finish it though.
  8. Thanks! I suppose we could but we would have to fictionalize a lot around it. So Titanic the movie levels of historical accuracy.
  9. Derek and his team did an amazing job with Mnemonic! What do you mean by short game vs pitch? As in a short game vs a longer game?
  10. Thanks! I love that game so much. The setting and time period it's in doesn't get used enough in games. And how the game keeps running in real time makes the world feel more believable and alive. And that's where I want to pull from. The game isn't waiting for you to pull a switch or use something on something in order to advance the world. The world is alive and keeps running, so you have to pick the right time to perform the action from the right perspective to try to prevent the tragic event.
  11. Thanks!!! I was thinking that you wouldn't switch perspective until the timeline completes, but I've been thinking about how it would start to feel repetitious. Changes in one timeline definitely changes all timelines so it would change. And like Last Express in that everyone is on a schedule, events continue without waiting for input from the player.
  12. Hey Everyone! I'm pretty excited to make this game. I've always liked the idea of going back and fixing events that happened in the past (yes, very much like Quantum Leap). But the other aspect of the game I really want to explore is to truly see the world through someone else's eyes. I think being in one person's perspective and seeing someone else acting like a jerk, then jumping into that other person and seeing that they've recently gotten some bad news would really make you think about being more understanding of people and foster more empathy. Ask here if you have any questions!
  13. I think Spaff and 2PP did a TREMENDOUS job on this campaign! They kept on cranking out the content even throughout the holidays and I truly, TRULY believe that it is due to their efforts (as well as all of you) that we are fully funded and more now. Seriously guys, great job. And thank you to the people on the forums that care SO much about us succeeding. Really does mean a lot.
  14. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Thanks for all of your support everyone!!!!
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