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  1. I feel kind of bad for Lee in this one. Tim's so enthusiastic, it seems like he'd be hard to say no to.
  2. Woah, intense but great update (especially in comparison to the cheery previous videos). Now I'm really anticipating the next update!
  3. It's the story for me. I'm 17, so I was too young/not born during the heyday of P&C games. I'm not a huge puzzle guy, so I mainly like P&C games for the stories, because they can do more low-key, nuanced, slow-paced stuff than a lot of other genres.
  4. Great update! Anna's has a very interesting story, and it was nice hearing about DF's early days. Definitely looking forward to the next team member to be profiled.
  5. There's an indie adventure promo on GOG.com this weekend. http://www.gog.com/en/promo/indie_adventures_weekend
  6. Looking at it again, I think I agree with this. The main thing that felt odd to me is the pose. Plus, art-deco is awesome and I support anything that puts it into more games. I do agree with what people are saying though, with that she should start timid and get confident. The "Spunky, independent princess constricted by her traditions" is pretty much a dead horse that needs no more beating imo. It's a much more satisfying arc if she starts off pretty much just going along with it, and slowly gains the courage to defy her fate.
  7. Yay, art update! I like the head from O, but I think L is my favorite overall design. And the blobby thing from M.
  8. The Little Oly part was pretty annoying, but I didn't find the whole platformy finale that hard, and I'm not that great at platformers. One tip I read in a guide helped a lot though: The part with the spiraly cages you have to climb on is a lot easier if you climb on the insides instead of the outside.
  9. EDIT: Now backing Chris Taylor's (no, not that Chris Taylor. Not that other one either) Arakion. It's a Grimrock-esque first-person RPG, but it looks like it does some interesting things, especially with the character development. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/lavidimus/chris-taylors-arakion
  10. It's the place co-owned by Yahtzee Croshaw, right? Holy shit I did not realise that!!! Just checked out the Team section. He hosts the trivia nights!!! Great, now I cant go. Theres no way this place could live up to my now enourmous expectations. I don't know, I think I'd be afraid of doing trivia with Yahtzee. It seems like he'd be mean if I got something wrong. ;_; Then again, I hear he's fairly shy in real life.
  11. It's the place co-owned by Yahtzee Croshaw, right?
  12. Heh, I find this list inordinately amusing.
  13. Has someone already mentioned Expeditions: Conquistador? It's a tactical RPG that looks to boast lots of writing with good choice and consequence. I personally think it looks really awesome, as it hits a lot of my pet areas of RPGs. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2128128298/expeditions-conquistador And here's a graphic novel that looks very interesting: Season's End, a fantasy/horror comic that looks pretty cool. Doesn't look like it'll make its goal though. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1736520269/seasons-end-a-gothic-fantasy-tale?ref=live
  14. At the moment, only Expeditions: Conquistador. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2128128298/expeditions-conquistador I missed DFA and Wasteland 2, but I did preorder them, so that kind of counts.
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