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  1. After seeing the ending for the the "Grubbins on Ice" DLC, I for one would love to see a DLC where the kids find their way back home.
  2. If they ever did do a DLC that adds new characters you can play in the game, here are some new characters I would like to see be added: 1. The Robot 2. The Zombie 3. The Vampire 4. The Witch 5. The Monster 6. The Super Hero 7. The Pirate 8. The Ghost So, what do you guys think?
  3. If the game ever gets ported over into PC/MAC Computers & Game Systems, I would like to see some exclusive Heroes/Villains & Missions that you can only play if you get the game on the following: Xbox Live (Xbox 360) exclusives: The Ex-Boxer (villain): A would-be super villain that uses old cardboard boxes as armor. Attack of the Ex-Boxes (mission): All over the city, old cardboard boxes are coming alive and attacking people (thinks to The Ex-Boxer), and it up to the heroes to try and stop them. Playstation Network (Playstation 3) exclusives: The Elemental Trio (heroes): A Super Hero Trio with the powers of Earth (The Earthling), Air (Hot Air), and Water (Water Hazard). Toxic-Earth Day (mission): The heroes must team up with The Elemental Trio in order to clean up the city after a villain covers it with Toxic Waste. Steam (PC/MAC Computers) exclusives: The Steampunk (hero): A Steampunk themed hero that uses Steam powered weapons to fight evil. It's Steampunk Time (mission): when the city is sent back in time to the year 1888, the heroes must team up with the hero Steampunk in order to get everyone back home to there real timeline. So, what do you guys think?
  4. I too would love to see some figures made based on MMoJ.
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