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  1. Personally, I liked the short wait times. Had the Montage item worked to reduce training times, I'd have been happier with it overall. I thought it was short enough that it didn't feel like a cow clicker game I could play for a few minutes and then had to stop for a few hours. The attacks that target all enemies might be a little overpowered though. From about level 5 I could use those characters to solo the battles that come up after the main story. The characters that have them end up much much more powerful than those who don't once you've maxed everyone out.
  2. The copy machine is in the middle manager's office and works passively. Whenever you get coins from a mission or doing desk work, you'll get double the listed amount. You can't click on it or anything, it's just a decoration in there.
  3. So I spent an entire day playing this game. It's a really fun time killer. One thing I noticed, though, is that it's really hard to scroll through the hero select screen when you have more than four heroes without accidentally selecting and deselecting heroes, which makes them stop their current tasks even if they're reselected before I exit the screen. Also, are you interested in hearing the little bugs I found? I know you have your own testers and are probably aware of the issues since it was an accidental release, but I don't mind making a list of the ones I found.
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