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  1. Oh something else I forgot to mention earlier for suggestion: Suggestion: 1)I have not bought the 30 superium heroes yet but I recently saved up enough to buy a 20 superium one and the only difference is their starting level. I can’t tell any other difference between the 10 and 20 superium heroes besides this and without more information provided it will be very hard to tell if it is even worth it. The leveling mechanic in general is what is fun to play with and if the 30 superium heroes start at almost or at max level then there isn’t much left to play with. Hopefully there can be more differences between the 10, 20, and 30 superium heroes and/or a way more easy for us to tell otherwise we'll put sky high expectations for 30 superium heroes and when they don't then people tend to get angry. Bug?: 1)Not sure if this is a bug but with power after 1x points when you start training it, it will take 5-15mins depending on how high. I can see that this makes sense but I did not really encounter this when getting my hp on one of my heroes to 200 nor did it seem to take longer for increasing intelligence.
  2. Suggestions: 1)Intelligence needs to have more function, at the moment the only thing you can use intelligence for is research and abilities. Though most importantly research cause once you unlock the +10 intelligence item none of the other heroes really need to up their intelligence to get all their abilities. 2)Easier way to select hero on the office screen, it's hard sometimes to tap them when they're near walls or if you have to scroll around the screen looking for them so you can select them. This might not be as of an issue if you didn't need to micro manage the heroes as much (manually resume hero task that was interrupted by mission, desk work over and over again). Bugs?: 1)I have found that the coffee drip item does work however if you use a 'healing' ability from the space girl then it will stop working when that ability does its 2 ticks of healing. 2)You can equip multiple different items like the bandage, underwear, and the bubble wrap and they will stack defense and not disappear from inventory at the end of fight but if you restart the app they will be gone from your inventory. 3)Timers are wonky, if my hero is training and then I send them on a mission when they come back and I have them continue on the task they were doing, sometimes the timer is lower than it should be. Timer seems to continue even though the hero is no longer 'doing' that action. 4)Level 1 of the entertainment room can have multiple heroes use it at the same time (they tend to sit on top of each other), but at level 2 and 3 only 1 hero can use it a time. Not sure if the multiple heroes using it at lvl 1 is a bug or if only one hero being able to use it at a time is a bug. 5)Not sure if it is a bug or not but I thought that all the boss fights gave superium but the bugged boss fight (giant robot one) only gives me gold. 6)Not sure if it is a bug or not but If you get stuck in an area because of a bugged boss fight, missions eventually stop showing up that give small amounts of superium. 7)Hot headed hero last ability timers are super short, the 1st level of the ability took 0 mins to research, 2nd lvl < 3mins and last lvl took < 9.
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