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  1. So there's a lot to say about the build that came out yesterday. The game is fun, and I enjoy the fantasy of managing various superheroes. The writing is classic double fine-style humor, and genuinely enjoyable. There are obviously bugs. From major to minor: Bug #1:100% crash bug when using surge protector on one particular mission in the last campaign. I can't remember exactly which, but it was a standard henchmen battle, and did require a full restart to undo. Bug #2: 100% crash bug when selecting heroes who were trying to do a particular task. Here's how I pulled it off: 1) Send 3 heroes to do desk work with a desk area that has only 1 available seat 2) 2 heroes would stand at the door and wait. Go to the map, select a mission, add those heroes to the mission roster, and press accept. Et voila! Crash for me. Bug #3: A bug in hero selection at the end where only 3 slots where available. Not 100% repro, but it occurred frequently enough. Bug #4: I've sen this bug posted before, but surge protector and researching did have issues. As I remember it, I had the level 1 or 2 room with 2 level 1 research stations. I don't think it was an issue with her researching, but her researching at the first available table. If I had someone else researching at the first table, she could also research at the second just fine. Bug #5: Certain Achievements aren't rewarded (Jailbreak and Cloning both failed), and others are unattainable I believe. I say this mainly about the thug defeating achievements. When you reach the end right now, and just get more and more simple combat missions, no thugs appear. Hard to get to 1000 thugs beaten when there aren't anymore . Bug #6: Amount of coins earned for completing a mission still ticks down while choosing heroes to send on the mission. I would click on a mission when it says 99 coins, set up the heroes, win the match, and be rewarded 95-96 coins instead. Bug #7: Minor Z-fighting when building new rooms. Restart of the app fixed that. Other Thoughts I'd say there are some balance issues right now too. The difficulty curve started off fine. The first area needed one hero to complete, second area ramped up to make the player hire a second hero. Where it fell apart for me was with Surge Protector's AOE. It is quite powerful, and for the latter half of the entire campaign, I used sweet justice as a meat shield while she cast that on the first turn and defeated every enemy on the screen (See attached screenshot. It was as hard to grab as photographing actual lightning). This strategy only failed on giant robot, dragon, and clones with 300 health missions. For it being a fantasy of being a middle manage of superheroes, I rarely use my manager. Need coins? Beat up some thugs instead. Morale low? Sit my heroes in front of the tv. Promoting and increasing the intellect of heroes is usually done from the character menus as well, not from my manager. I see the scene from Office Space with Tom where he's being interviewed for his own job happening here. "So, you physically take the specs from the customers?" "Well....no." "So then you must physically bring them to the software people." "Well.." Finally, I wonder about the longevity. I've essentially reached the end of this build, and I wonder, what's next? There's always building up the office, but beyond that, I don't see much. Some sort of comparison/battle with friends' heroes, or some way of building random campaigns rather than just beating up mindless henchmen over and over would help out with this. Maybe there are items coming, and maybe it depends on the intended financial model for the product. If the game is intending to be a small upfront fee (say $.99) and available in-app pay options, with future content coming (think angry birds, cut the rope) then I feel like there is enough content. If it's free, I feel like there isn't enough upfront to really keep me engaged and wanting to buy superium. In conclusion, this post feels really doom and gloom, but as stated, this is an earlier build, and I've had a ton of fun with it. Can't wait to see the final result, and keep up the great work.
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