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  1. Good post. What I wonder is if the ships run on some kind of cycle, or if Shay/Alex's are perhaps the anomaly? I just really wonder what the point of the monstrous appearance is from the outset... was always designed like that, or was it possibly a front to persuade the villagers to sacrifice the maidens? I think it may be an appropriation of a battleship or something else that was rebuilt specifically for the raising of children, who are trained to capture the maidens in a creepy manipulative way. The overly-caring and pampering ship would naturally drive anyone to do what Marek suggests. Now you have to wonder if Shay is actually a part of the conspirators or also a victim randomly picked up to achieve this goal, as it does seem somewhat dangerous, as demonstrated in Broken Age. The fact he is treated so well, though, it seems he's obviously cared for by whoever is running Project Dandelion. As for if they change the ship for part 2 or not, they kind of have to, because we've already explored the ship in its entirety as Shay. They could keep the size and shapes the same but edit the art, so it wouldn't be that difficult. It'd also give a very nice inverse perspective of the world which is fitting.
  2. It's a shame no one else is interested in this, maybe I'm just dumb. Bumping it the one time in case it wasn't seen.
  3. I don't think anyone has really touched on this much to my surprise, but I was thinking about how the ship was putting Shay under some kind of mind control... and all the cuddliness of the ship being impractical/impossible in reality. Considering at the end of Shay's segment, the laser seems to destroy "space" around Shay before he falls to the ground, I would infer that the whole fake reality built for Shay is now destroyed, and Vella will explore the true ship. There was also a device in Shay's room he identifies as a potential "mind control." There are some fun implications to think of in the context of what the ship may truly look like. Mom: A rosy-cheeked mother figure to Shay, but could she be more of a SHODAN character in disguise? Mom is basically in charge of kidnapping young women for an unexplained reason. Of course this is the absolute extreme, it could be the case she's simply antagonistic and not motherly at all, while not being totally evil. Dad: This is an interesting one as Dad is barely seen and apparently works "outside the ship" which is obviously the outside of Mog Chothra. I would think that if Mom is not that sinister, the enigmatic Dad probably is the true antagonist character of the ship. He would be the one handling the heavy lifting. Space Knitter: The idea of knitting space coordinates is obviously impossible considering: Mog Chothra is not in space in actuality, and probably spends its down time past the border talked about in Sugar Bunting. Plus knitting being a part of a machine's system is just illogical for obvious reasons. It could be this is some kind of creepy spider monster sewing coded data in, or just a generic machine given a personality by Mom/the ship. It's also interesting to note that if Shay is meant to capture the Maidens himself, then this character would be part of the plan as well, making his "shut down" either an act, or a sign that perhaps Merek is not meant to be a part of the mission. Marek Ishtar/Merek: It's unknown what side he is truly on: whether he is supposed to lead Shay stray in accordance with the true purpose of the mission, or if he is an actual stowaway, that somehow Mom does not know/care about. Considering how he helps Shay to "save" the Maidens, and this turns out to be in fact capturing them, it's hard to say what role he plays. It could be that without the mind control or virtual reality active in the ship, he is a completely different character. If other people want to post in this thread, maybe they have an idea of what this could be? Ship helpers: These are not Shay's toys, but the friendly-faced robots. This is fairly simple: they are not cuddly at all, but actually quite scary looking machines. This could be quite awesome on parts such as when they create a lift for Shay to reach the outside. If not robots, it'd be even better if they were organic, which leads me to my next theory (oh gosh I hope some dev reads this and gets a laugh...) Plant organism outside the ship: Could it be that this is actually representative of the ship as a whole and is one of the only unmasked parts? Perhaps the ship is one gigantic biological organism, everything on it is plant-based, and it harvests the maidens to feed itself? It stands out so much from everything else and I doubt it's what it seems, as it's one of Mom's missions. Shay's toys: This is one of the most fun ones to imagine. Maybe they are in fact low-toned dwarves, monsters, pieces of garbage? Anything is pretty hilarious when they were hugging Shay, being his playmates. The fact two of them are playing cards at some point suggests they are somewhat mature and consider Shay's missions their "job" while perhaps they have their own life in the underworld of the ship. The ice cream: Waste, garbage, nutritional paste. I doubt Mom can maintain a room full of ice cream and would instead create a lot of edible junk, then make Shay believe it was ice cream. The ship itself: Just in general, a lot of the cutesy mannerisms taken on by the ship could be an act to lull Shay into a false sense of security, or to make it appealing to him. It may be that Shay is also a victim of kidnapping, and is being held hostage by the ship all along, similarly to Alex. So much of the ship may look more industrial and harsher than it looks to Shay. Anyway, this my all be false. But I think we may just see Vella exploring a very different, darker ship than we saw with Shay. Likewise, Shay will be exploring Vella's world in the aftermath of Chog Mothra's defeat, giving a nice new perspective to that.
  4. He's on the development team. He also cut his hair. I know that, I just enjoy poking fun.
  5. I don't know what I was expecting, I backed late and I primarily wanted the documentary, but I enjoyed what I played. I will say it is missing something: challenge.
  6. This is a cool thread, and there are things in Broken Age that need examination because I can't imagine the hippie "woo adventure games woo" guy in the original pitch going ga ga over Broken Age. I feel the number one problem is that you can't examine anything. The world is great but every screen has such a limited amount of interactionables. The ship especially has so little; the sound effects replacing any reflection by Shay is disappointing. The interface is very streamlined but at the cost of being simplistic. It's baby's first adventure game. It's like that too because the difficult is far too low. This is nowhere near the level of the classic adventure games and I don't agree that this is good for new players. Unless players became stupid since Manic Mansion, that game was difficult and plenty popular. This game didn't feel like an adventure game, it was a visual novel or "on-rails story game" in the same genre as The Walking Dead. It's not bad, but I can imagine if you loved the genre you may end up disappointed. A more personal gripe for me is that I felt both main characters were lame, and the characters who were interesting tended to have limited dialog. It doesn't have that feel of an epic adventure. The NPCs tend to be signposts, pointing you in the direction of the plot or a puzzle or simple existing to spout exposition. I loved the different areas in Vella's part, but the cloud colony was the only place that felt truly alive. The game is obviously rushed. It's hard not to think of when Tim said that he'd disappoint if you wanted a "giant green space alien" or something, instead of the two human children main characters. Well I don't know, there is some validity to that. All the other Tim Schafer classics did have way better main characters, the ones in this feel very watered down. And sadly there are many parts of the game that feel watered down, perhaps to appeal to a wider audience, which to me is a shame. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the game and felt I got my money's worth, it simply has its problems, and it's no big surprise. I am incredibly cynical about the games industry and this game at least managed to do some things correctly, like the world and fun side characters.
  7. I figured out the twist halfway through Vella's part. It was a moment when I stopped and thought to myself, "wait, what if Shay's spaceship is actually the monster?" When I found the 'dead eye god' I figured that he was Shay and the two stories were actually playing one after the other, was a bit disappointed by that, but it was a cool twist. Honestly I think that'd be a better twist than the one in the game, if not for the cool implications of what you do on the ship that impacts Vella. It was strange how she lashed out at Shay at the end... Vella in general was a very weak character, I wish she was to be replaced in Act II. I liked Shay, I guess, was hoping for an ensemble cast of four characters, two new ones in Act II, but looks like we'll get the two fairly stock-ish protagonists again. Though their voice actors as with the rest of the game, are sublime. The ending was nice enough, but playing through Vella the first time without touching Shay, it repeated itself over again while skipping all of the dialogue, for some reason? Not sure why. And then Shay's part barely lasted any length at all. It was jarring, and I hope Act II is more consistent. I'm only a slacker backer so I can't complain. I loved the game's art and characters especially in Vella's part, my cat and I enjoyed watching the backgrounds on standby for quite some time. Here's a list of the best characters: Jack Black, granny, grandpa, the mayor, all of the maidens though especially the fish ones, the bodyguards, the tree, the hipster lumberjack... nevermind it's everyone. That includes the blow-up doll.
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