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  1. Concerning Act 1 I voted for absolutely not. Why (short version, because I explained it at least 3 times): - not the classic adventure I backed for (imo) - felt like an interactive book for children - the one click interface - don't like the characters at all - seeing it as a story driven game it's by far not as good as The Walking Dead Season 1 (sorry, but the story around Clementine and Lee was a masterpiece!), but this could be changed with Act 2 (but as I mentioned my vote is for Act 1) - the puzzles has been too easy to solve - I missed some interaction with the environment (the ladder comes down and everybody on the cloud has nothing to say about this? Come on) - there are not that much scenes to explore (I have a feeling that we have to revisit the beach, the cloud, the spaceship and other scenes in Act 2) Right now, I will choose to play Monkey Island, Sam and Max, DotT, Grim Fandango, The Dig and Maniac Mansion on rainy sundays (I do this probably around 3 or 4 times a year), but I won't add Broken Age to these marathons as it is by now. Sorry, don't hate me for my opinion.
  2. I choose option two - everything was too easy. Never had any trouble figuring out a puzzle. I am always talking about everything with the characters, checking the whole scene for spots to click and items to grab and yeah that's it. The question that comes to my mind after answering your poll - Would I still back this project after playing Act 1? Probably not.
  3. 1.) We need more combining puzzles. For example: Instead of picking up the toy and having both parts of it in my inventory, why not let me cut it off with the knife? Drag the knife to the puppet, a short animation happens, in which Shay wields the knife (with the typical swosh sound) and says something like "You fight like a cow (or a Mog'Cha which would be also a cool *boomyourheadexplodesmoment*)!" and flap, cuts the helmet off the puppet. By giving me the puppet already broken, it was clear to use the helmet for Shay after the first use of the Teleporter. 2.) Second thing already mentioned, kill the obvious hints during the dialogues. I like your idea of Shay's mission, vicbear. It reminds me of the rollercoaster finale at the end of Monkey Island 3.
  4. You have to give her the ceremonial knife. You can find it by going right from the girl who gives you her ladder.
  5. KuroShiro, I'm totally with you and your very well written critic. Just finished the game a second time today and I'm even more disappointed than I was after my first play-through and after reading some of the comments here, I lowered my expectations for Act 2 a lot!
  6. I'm totally with you k0SH. Shared almost the same thoughts about the game in another thread a few hours ago. And after completing it for the second time I'm even more disappointed...
  7. Just finished Act 1 in something less than three hours and I'm disappointed for several reasons. Don't get me wrong, I liked what I was playing, but Broken Age didn't come up to my expectations. 1.) I don't like the art-style of the game, which is a personal thing. It has a beauty of it's own, but I just don't like it. 2.) The characters are just meh, they're flat, exchangeable (compared to the characters of other, newer Adventures like the Deponia trilogy). 3.) The puzzles are way too easy. There's no problem with the 3 hours playtime (this is a actually a fine time for an episode of an adventure), but I think these three hours had more to do with walking and watching Cutscenes instead of solving puzzles. The chapter of the boy (already forgot his name, which speaks for point 2 on my list), is awfully boring in the beginning until you're done with the mini game for the second time. The part I liked the most was, let me call it without spoilers, the third half of the girls storyline. This felt like one of the classics, mixed with some newer elements, but unfortunately it was only this last piece of the game I enjoyed. By the way: hope to see more from my bearded friend with the flannel shirt, because he was my favorite Like I already said in the title: I feel bad for not liking it because I see all the work, the creativity and the effort you guys put in there, but I had to share my thoughts about this to see if I'm the only one thinking like this. Still would recommend it to my friends and I think my money was well spent, but I have high hopes for a better second Act. P.S.: Sorry if everything sounds a bit harsh, but my english isn't that good and my vocabulary is pretty limited.
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