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  1. I really look forward to your game! Your personal effort and persistence is what makes your game stand out by far from the gazillion games coming out every day.
  2. wow! looks amazing! i missed it the first time! It brought a vibe to me.
  3. I think definitely yes! So the money spent so far is NOT for Broken age only. It is for the future of double fine adventures. however... i am sceptical about the use of moai. They have written tons of custom code to make the 2d engine play great with many devices. I am afraid that this code is not easily maintainable and will be outdated pretty soon. I think it is very difficult for a game company to sustain such an engine
  4. I think the cool factor missing is the "level" design, not that much the puzzles that everyones says. Most scenes interaction is pretty linear. You don't feel immersed into an environment, even in Vella's. For instance Vella, you start inside the house and you are trying to find the knife. After you find the knife you are transfered to another screen with different goals. You cannot go back to house again and interact with these characters ever again. You never really "LIVE" the Vella's town. In Monkey island, King Quests, Quest for Glory,etc you were dropped in a island-town-kingdom and there was massive exploration / immersion. Even the cloud colony, where you can claim that you can go "back", all cloud colony feels like 1 screen, if you know what i mean... most characters are next to each other and once you talk to them -> check complete!! So it is kinda A->B->C->D done! still loved the game
  5. Isn't Mog Chothra too small in order to fit the whole spaceship and "fake" Space room? just a quick example bellow, never mind the endless corridors of the spaceship and huge square meters areas.
  6. Beyond its hint system, Machinarium had a perfect balance of puzzles and story.
  7. backers is backersYup, anyone who got in before they closed the option to become a backer. (Everyone else will have to get it with normal early access.)
  8. Is the beta also available for slacker backers? i just remembered that i am a slacker backer, not a kickstarter backer
  9. The money did not go to the Broken Age only. The money also went to creating an amazing 2d adventure game engine and workflow. Future DF adventure games will be equally cool with less effort and budget.
  10. Wow! Many thanks for the response! The engine created is amazing!
  11. For some reason, to my eyes Prince of Persia character animation is still one the best i have ever seen. I really enjoyed the story of how Jordan filmed his brother actions for rotoscopy
  12. I was actually wondering HOW COULD they fix that? As far as i know from some adventure game engines, an actor can be in front of / behind another object depending on specific regions or a script. but the WHOLE object, not just part of it. In order to have his arm around his neck, part of the arm needs to be behind the boy and part of it needs to be in front of the boy (the hand). is this even possible with the broken age engine?
  13. Beta access will be available to all backers or a selection of backers? Act I will be available to everyone?
  14. Sorry if i missed it but when will ACT I is going to be released?
  15. Great post! What was the most frustrating / time-consuming bug that you have encountered so far? also what is the hand icon inside the red circle in the first picture? thanks!
  16. OMG...the game looks F**** AMAZING! QUESTION: Does the game zoom so much (like in the shower scene) or it was only for the video? it would be really cool if it zooms!
  17. Well you REALLY don't know that. With the advancements in regenerative medicine with stem cells,etc in the last few years, immortality *could* be achieved. It probably won't be achieved within the next 50 years but you can't rule out the possibility!
  18. Doesn't this picture give you a feeling of the golden era of adventure games??? this is the first time i feel it
  19. EDIT: yes the momentum and success of the kickstarter is maybe better than a few extra bucks Let's think 2 extreme scenarios (in both cases total donation = 2.000.000) Scenario 1 (all of money are from kickstarter) Total Kickstarter: 2.000.000 Total Slacker Backers: almost 0 Kickstarter commission: 100.000 DF: 1.900.0000 Scenario 2 (only 725.000 are from kickstarter and the rest from slacker backers) Total Kickstarter: 725.000 Total Slacker Backers: 1.275.000 Kickstarter commission: 36.000 DF: 1.963.750 In Scenario 2: DF wins additional 63.750
  20. Hi all, I would like to backup the project, but isn't it better for DF if i become a slacker backer instead? This way all the money goes to DF, not the kickstarter commission? Am i missing something?
  21. Great video! You deserve a whole main episode, not just a sidequest! How easy it is for people outside US to work in US nowadays? I heard that a new recent law has made it almost impossible.
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