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  1. Please bring it to Nintendo Switch. It would be incredible to play it on the Go. I would gladly swap my PS4/Xbox copy with the Switch version. Since Unreal engine supports Switch development, hopefully it will not be difficult to port it to the platform (fingers crossed).
  2. Didn't see the ending coming. I alternated between Shay and Vella, but finished Shay first while Vella was in Meriloft. I made a couple of theories as the game went on: 1) Story of Vella happened long before Shay's time. I think this was planted through the conversation with the "Mother". 2) Dead Eye is Shay. I am sure lots of people will be making this connection. The plot twist was brilliant in the end. It must have been really hard for the design team to balance the two halves like this. It was a great A-ha moment when you start connecting the dots. I will play the game again to go through Vella's story first and then Shay's to see the final cut scene from the other perspective. Thank you Tim and Double Fine for making this game. It was fantastic. I hate being stuck in the puzzles, and here I spent 4 to 5 hours without being overly frustrated. Can't wait for Act 2.
  3. for making this beautiful game. I really like the puzzles, because they are logical and you don't need to think "outside" the box e.g., for the monkey wrench (MI2), or combine rubber ducky with something and then something else, and then something else just to pick up a key (TLJ). I played through Act 1, without getting overly frustrating in around 5 hours, which was really satisfying in the end. The game is really good, and I am so glad that I backed it. For $15, you can buy lots of games on Xbox live that offer half of the experience of Act 1. Here, we are looking forward to Act 2. I will support this game again, if it is released for the Xbox marketplace. I had a blast playing special editions of Monkey Island on the Xbox 360, and would love to play Broken Age on the big screen. Thanks again.
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