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  1. Finally an update! ...and it was glorious!
  2. Still waiting for the "Vella is made out of kittens" prediction to come true
  3. So has he apologized to Samus Aran yet?
  4. The joy you feel when an episode is uploaded! ...then the dread of what will probably be a 2 month wait... Anyways I hope Broken Age builds up sales over the long term via word of mouth.
  5. Act 2 Release-Date

    I remember when the two acts were pitched I assumed that the planning for Act II was done they just needed more time/money to get things done. Then the episode came out and it turned out they're still deciding what Act II even is, and that crushed my hopes of Act II getting done anytime soon. Either that or it will be rushed and not be a good conclusion. Which would be terrible since the plot and characters are what I'm invested in.
  6. It's been so long since the last episode that I'm starting to forget that I'm waiting for it
  7. Wasn't that obvious from Act I already?
  8. THIS, I was actually really taken-aback by this.
  9. Post your predictions for Act 2!

    Oh man I would love to actually EXPLORE Sugar Bunting, and I forgot that Shay has a radio connection to Marek in his ear. Maybe stealing Marek's radio is a quest for Vella to communicate with Shay?
  10. I predict that Vella will interact with Marek and Mom a little bit, but there won't be much to do or see in the Mog itself, but will instead take place mostly in the "beyond the Plaque Dam" which the Mog travels to once Vella finishes the first puzzle (which is just getting the Mog running again, she will want this to open the mouth so she can get out but it will instead auto pilot) This will probably include getting across the whip cream with the cloud shoes. Vella will then go on an adventure to figure out the reasons behind the Mogs Shay will re-explore Vella's world with only a small new place (past the snake via the use of the air tank) and will be about him coming to grasps about what he has done and then he and Alex will discover something about "Vella's World" that will be the second big plot twist which will be something even more crazy. What are you guy's predictions?
  11. DF Game Club: The Last Express

    One of my favorite games of all time
  12. Now I must spend the rest of my life trying to live up to those lofty expectations
  13. Now I must spend the rest of my life trying to live up to those lofty expectations
  14. Last Ten Years? Heroine's Quest: The Herald of Ragnarok All time? Riven
  15. I'm hoping for M'ggie, the Meriloft abandoned sacrifice girl, the spoon and grandpa beastender to make a re-appearance.