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  1. puzzle agent rocks! i always got the twin peaks vibe, and i loved it
  2. i very rarely post here. i decided to start posting more frequently now becasue i found this game to be amazing, and i felt i needed to say it out loud. i've been enyoing the doc for a couple of years now (i backed the kickstarter back in 2012) and i loved every bit of this fantastic journey, with all its highs and lows. it's sad to see that there's so many people that are against double fine nowadays, considering how dedicated, hardworking and awesome most of you guys seem to be. i finished act 2 a couple of hours ago, and it was an amazing experience. it was a little bit more challenging (which i welcomed, as act 1 to me was a little on the easy side.. but i loved it anyway) but not super hard to the point that i had to resort to a walkthrough or some kind of hint guide. just challenging enough! it was perfect, and it reminded me why i loved tim schafer's games so much. it felt just like when i was 10 years old and playing day of the tentacle, on my old windows 3.1 computer. i can't really say enough good things about this fantsatic game, so i'll just say... thank you double fine, thank you tim. best 15 bucks i've spent on a game, ever! ps: i live in argentina, 15 dollars is actually a lot of money here
  3. the game is awesome. i loved it from beggining to end, and it was exactly what i was hoping for when i (slacker) backed it. now i want another one...
  4. getting the snake was a great puzzle... it was so counterintuitive. it took me some time to figure it out. i kept blowing the horn after some time... it was funny as hell as well, shay being super excited at being choked to death by the creature, the thing finally giving out as he had "years of hug attacks" to prepare for it. also, the great payoff that, after all, there was nothing beyond that path, it was always a dead end. the whole thing was super tim schafer, i loved it!
  5. i loved the musical puzzle, where you had to figure out the weaver pattern by listening to alex play the notes on the whistle thing it took me some time but i felt super clever when i finally figured that one out!
  6. shay is missing his incisors in the picture. the glass with the teeth inside says he was 6 years old when he lost them. therefore, he was 6 when that pic was taken. 7 is his boot size at age 6 judging by the same photo, therefore he must have been size 4 when he was 5. that was a good puzzle! took me a while
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