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  1. Indirect Sniper Rifles are your friend in the beginning. Nothing like long range ricochet for crowd control.=)
  2. Or my brain could just explode, you never know. Maybe it can't process such input anymore. ;P
  3. Has anyone been over there recently? It almost feels like a bad anti double fine propaganda. What are people thinking they're gonna achieve, when they badmouth the developer of a game they wish to be fixed? I'm not in forums very often, so I don't know if this is something that is generally encountered, or special degree of animosity. It seems like for every decent post, that is laying down a differentiated point of view, there are half a dozen people there to just bash it down. Most random players I meet in Iron Brigade are decent, funny and kind folks. In the years playing I met barely no exception. Only a few of them are to be met in the forums, even less with the overall tone there. This is kind of sad, as there's vocal minority painting a picture that's not representative of the fine Trench pilots, still holding the line against the mono vision hordes. Sorry for my rambling, I guess I had to get this off my chest.
  4. I never played Iron Brigade with a controller on my PC. Well, since my old 90s sidewinder rests in peace I got none anymore. I'm thinking about getting one again. Wonder what the experience in IB will be.
  5. Seeing that achievements, though not active for the time being, have been added gives me hope. Even if it may still be a long way, it was a little sign of reassurance. I'm still dropping by every now and then, looking to find some randoms for a game, or look into the steams forums, alas, that's one hostile place there. But there are also many voices, pledging to return, once gfwl may be get rid of. I'm also getting regular inquiries about Iron Brigade from friends, as they see I'm still playing it. I'd say there more people standing behind Iron Brigade than the negative voice try to make it appear. The right reverting back would be magnificent!
  6. Ran into a random the other day, playing Iron Brigade for the first time. Doesn't get boring. Explaining some basic controls, or sitting in the back, support sniping or calling down turrets as engineer. It was fun doing the campaign again.
  7. I tried it. Out of boredom and finding no coop partner at the time. Damn that was hectic. Add some mistakes to it. I won't say how far I only got. :')
  8. I wish you lot a good year to come, success health and always the pinch of luck needed in the right situation. When everything fails, at least I wish you luck, may you ever be one corner ahead of the devil chasing you. ;D And may the new year bring more hunting of tubes!
  9. I hope everything's going well behind the red tape for you guys at Double Fine. Just drop a \m/ if you're still alive and kicking. Or if you've got some humour reserves left, update the FAQ in the steam forums. A blackguard would say the place needs some cleansing by the holy flame of reflecting irony. 8) Not me, I'm not a blackguard! =)
  10. I'm still there, on the Iron Brigade forums, it's a cold and lonesome place. :'(
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