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  1. Wow! Double Fine SEQUEL! Maybe we'll get sequels to other games as well..?\ PsychonautsI am really pumped for this. The first one was great, and I loved all three of the XBLA titles. Good luck DF!
  2. I like christ centered gamer, and never once have I thought them unfair to a game. Granted, they did seem to dislike P-nauts for it's general psychic themes... BTW violence 8/10 means that most of the game was violence free, and the same goes for sexual content. There is a bit of sexual dialogue (that "affair" thing above). Besides, you can never be too careful with parents these days. Wouldn't want somebody getting accidentally offended by the phallic shaped environment pieces like the foreign organism.
  3. I didn't even know this show was a thing. So cool. I'll watch it at some point.
  4. What I liked most about Psychonauts... wasn't the writing, the art, the hidden sidestories, or even "Come alight on my shoulder". I loved the gameplay. It felt like a true platformer. The psychic powers, the adventure elements, varied envronments, and all of the jumping and crap like that... It was beautiful. *Sniffle* They don't make em' like they used to.
  5. I have an idea for that. At the second base there are those things that look like metal silos. I put a peircing sniper on each one and Willies, Amps, and Berthas are a worry of the past. Also great for those stupid Vaults. But I've only solo'd to about round 25 or 30 so that could be the mistake I'm making. Dampeners are also important, but place them out of harm's way, because otherwise they're way too hard to defend due to jacobs.
  6. My Gamertag's Deathbob569325, and I play a lot on the weekends, at least. If you're starting a game and I'm online, invite me and I will drop everything and join because even Halo gets boring and I haven't got into any decent matches in a month.
  7. Dude, I play a bit. And having 4 players isn't necessarily an advantage, as the difficulty is scaled for the amount of players. The problem is noone seems to have a mic, aside from me, and a silent team is a dead team. Most of the time.
  8. I'll play on the weekends. My gamertag is Deathbob569325. Any of you guys got a mic?
  9. That... Is the most awesome sculpture I've ever freaking seen. Both of them made my eyes explode. DO YOU KNOW how expensive spare eyes are in this economy? I also wanna see Black Velvetopia. 0_0
  10. I got some Xbox Live gold this week. Anyone wanna party up on the weekends?
  11. PLZ move DF Justin. Nonetheless, I'm only going to be on from 3:00 to 5:30 school days.
  12. Okay, so I woke up and stuff, when I hear the kids going around and heading to basic braining. So I headed over there and Oleander was all normal and stuff, but when I got in his mind, it was much darker, there were shadows everywhere in the dentistis office, and when Elton got blown up, there was a bit of blood. There were most notably some censors in Oly's mind, and they were dark and red-eyed. There were actually conversation trees that you could activate with campers ("Hey, Elton, why are you such a whiney turd?" "I was born that way" *Laughs with a hint of sadness*). You also had a honor system, A'la Red Dead redemption, and campers would react to you differently depending on yout stats. When you attacked a censor, if it was the last one around (Like in Arkham City) Raz would execute an epic finisher, such as kicking it off a ledge, or slamming it to the ground. When I got to when Bobby tries to shoot you with the machine gun, you can't get close because his aim is a lot better than before. So you get to the last piece of cover, pick it up, and use it as a riot shield, then shove it in the gun. It explodes. Bobby comes out all battered and part of his hair is on fire O: Then in the mine sequence, Dogen is attacked by censors at multiple points and you must defend him. I'll post moar later.
  13. Anybody here wanna play Quake? It's a great FPS, nice and arcade- style. I think it would be nice to have someone to play with. If you're interested, go to http://www.quakeone.com/freequake/en.html May the best DF fan win!!!
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