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  1. I think that's how Knockback is supposed to work. And as far as the Brewtalist, if there isn't anything near the target area, then they do way less damage than a Boomstriker or standard Alchemist. While you can get 31+31, an equal level boomstriker will probably be getting a guaranteed 62. The situational nature of their high-damage makes them feel relatively balanced, to me. You're also more likely to be trading low damage across several targets for high damage + stun across across fewer targets.
  2. I'm still looking for my Brutal Legend-inspired families. And a two-headed baby flag.
  3. Personally, I think King and Queenmaker are fine. If you need a one-word alternative to fit with the rest of the traits/personalities, Heir/Heiressmaker, or daughter/sonmaker. I guess. If you're going to have people not reading the description, though, then I recommend the "tendency" from Smiles. Anything else might confuse those same non-readers as to why their sonmaker is making any daughters at all.
  4. Are flasks Ranged Attacks? I know the answer seems obvious at first, but just hear me out. Slippery is a trait that the Seeds have, which raises evasion against Ranged Attacks. However, Flasks seem to target tiles, not the cadence themselves, so I'm lead to think that Slippery does not affect Flask throws. That means that one of the weakest enemies in the game, and pretty much the only enemy in their One-Hit damage range, has a skill which nerfs only Hunters. One of the advantages of the explosive Caber attack is that it doesn't miss/glance. It's guaranteed AOE. (Of course, at that range, so is an Alchemist flask.) And if your Blastcappers are Brainy, Worldly, or Bookworms, the damage output on the attack is quite reasonable. 1 tile of knockback on explosions, or an explosion/AOE on Charge couldn't hurt, though.
  5. Cocky and Reveler doesn't bother me much in the early game, but they definitely decrease the chance of being appointed to the Regency by mid-game and definitely prevent Standardship. Queen/Kingmaker Asthmatic Slow Learner Slow Nervous I'm also not a fan of Puny Cabers, Clumsy Hunters, or Dimwitted Alchemists.
  6. Definitely a tooltip about the F Key. I didn't know about it until I watched someone else play. I had to go to the gamepedia to learn some stuff about your personality and genetics systems, so maybe a really simple breakdown of some of those. Something like: "Traits are modifiers that can be transferred down the bloodlines, inherited from parent directly to child. A child is born with a maximum of three traits." "Personalities are modifiers earned by recruits that are influenced by the Regency and Standards responsible for their training. A maximum of three personalities are determined for each hero when they come of age." "Statuses are modifiers specific to the character and their life experiences. These are not transferred between heroes." It's a Double Fine game, so you need comedy tips, too. Maybe make those only show up if a player has "non-thematic" toggled on. I'm bad at jokes, but something like, "Chalice water is fizzy to the taste and never needs any ice."
  7. Murch's No. 9 must be a hell of a beverage. Edit 1: Maybe this is a side effect of the stacking of Murch's and another longevity boost. Were any of these guys born in a Longevity keep, alive after the Longevity research, or possess the longevity trait? If Murch's provides, say, a .2 bonus to longevity, and it stacks with another effect on longevity, say another .2 bonus, but one or both of those bonuses are represented as 1.2 multipliers, they may stack incorrectly and provide a 2.4 total boost to longevity. Something similar happens in Halo 3's campaign scoring with the skulls. If one skull provides 50% bonus (.5) to a score, and a second provides 25% bonus (.25) to a score, they don't add together to provide a total 75% bonus (.75). Instead each is a multiplier. 1.5 x Score, 1.25 x Score work as intended on their own, but they stack to become 2.75 x Score when added together. Having even more skulls ends up with a 15x Score score multiplier, despite the total individual bonuses being something like 3x or 4x. I think Bungie just kept it that way for the hell of it/to better reward more challenging play, but mathematically it always bugged the crap out of me. Edit 2: Actually, since every character's age limit is decided upon birth, and Murch's is an effect that happens well after birth, maybe it's simply stacking with the original age incorrectly. Say a character is meant to live to 100, but then at age 50, they acquire Murch's status. The intent would be, say, to extend that character's life to end at 120 years. But what if instead it simply adds that 120 to the current life or resets the "countdown to death" to 0? This character would instead live to 170. The older a character is when they get this, the longer they live! Or maybe it multiplies remaining time, so if a character gets it while young, it has a stronger effect. Does anyone remember what year they got the http://massivechalice.gamepedia.com/Let's_Get_Some_Air event? Or maybe there's just a misplaced decimal somewhere. Man, sometimes I really just get the urge to sit down and play with a calculator and crunch numbers. I secretly love math.
  8. The hero it pops up over takes on a trait from another hero. So when impressionable pops up, for example, that hero may have just gained Avenger . . . or Nervous. Oh. Okay. This totally explains something that was weird, I thought it was just a bug part of the descriptions not matching actual trait values. Impressionable doesn't work on traits, just personalities. Impressionable can be good, but once you get some nice core personalities going, it's usually not. It's important to remember that children can't be born with more than 3 traits, and can't be trained for more than 3 personalities. Since the personality system has an "upper limit" of three inherited personalities per character, I had thought that Impressionable might be secretly amazing, and allow you to get 4th and 5th personalities in battle, but that isn't the case (at least as of .93). During training, Impressionable applies a 125% modifier to personality influence from parents and trainers. So they are simply MORE likely to inherit those personalities than they are to get no personality or a random personality. This works with Rebel, too, meaning that they are more likely to have opposite personalities. After training, Influence for Impressionable is only gained during battle. If your character already has three personalities, the only way to get a forth (or higher) is through event rewards/punishments. If you're at three+ personalities, Impressionable will overwrite an existing personality with a new one. This is nice if your character is Impressionable and has all bad personalities. Because the overwritten skill is chosen at random (except in the case of Duality personalities), the fewer bad personalities you have, the worse Impressionable is. It's not chosen at random upon the overwrite, either. Rather, there's an influence system that seems to gain random amounts per-turn. So save-scumming a positive impressionable change is really, really arduous, takes several in-game turns, and usually it just doesn't go your way. If you've got an impressionable Patriotc, Nervous, Avenger, character, sitting next to a not-withdrawn Cocky, Tranquil, Optimist, then the following could happen: If Tranquil is chosen as the transferred personality, it will overwrite Nervous. You can't have Nervous+Tranquil on the same character. However, it takes more influence (I think) to overwrite an opposite trait. If Cocky or Optimist is chosen, it might overwrite any of the three traits. Losing Patriotic or even Avenger for Optimist is a pretty bad trade. If you've got multiple people in your party with Tranquil, it has a better chance. If you have Rebel and Impressionable, things can be interesting. You can turn around some bad events, and learn Patriotic or Insatiable from a character who is Disheartened or Child-Averse. The influence per personality is chosen the same way, it's just applied as a negative number value. Non-Dual personalities behave normally. In the above scenario, replacing Avenger with Rebel, Nervous gets reinforced, but any personality could be overwritten by Cocky or Pessimist. Still, though, farming a battle for personalities is of questionable benefit. You need to build a team that can win, since you need to win. But in order to benefit the most from Impressionable, you need to build your team around that trait. Also, since Rebel takes up a personality slot and Impressionable takes up a trait, this means you're sacrificing something else reliable for these questionable/very situational benefits. In this same way, even optimistic and pessimistic are bad, simply because they are not-good. Edit: I forgot to mention that you can lose personalities without gaining a personality from Impressionable. http://massivechalice.gamepedia.com/Impressionable
  9. If only Sagewrights were an actual class/cross-class with defensive skills. Actually, it's times like this I wish for half-iron, where saving is manual during battles so that you can at least reload to the first turn.
  10. I haven't had a chance to play since .96 dropped, so all of these observations are from .93 My first game (Normal) I managed to get Inspired, Insatiable, Bloodthirsty, and Patriotic onto a nice Standard by year 90. I had basically no problems for the rest of the game. I had, maybe, 4 or 5 combat deaths total in 300 years, and I think two of them were withered-into-old-age combat deaths, and a third was from stupid flask placement on my part during the final battle. I had six keeps, two crucibles, and one sagewright's guild, and iirc that left one territory unbuilt. I had a few double-marked territories, but I hadn't lost one yet. *Bloodthirsty. is. awesome. once your Cabers hit level 10 and can attack more than once in a turn. Patriotic/Quick speed helps a lot here, too, but oneshotting every advanced bulwark, twitcher, and cradle on a map in one turn after killing a single seed might be a bit powerful. Maybe make Bloodthirsty proc once per turn instead of every kill? place a max on the stacks? *While we're talking about Bloodthirsty, the gamepedia wiki, which I'm guessing was mostly authored by a designer? says each kill is supposed to "refresh" the duration of the stacks, but it doesn't seem like that's actually the case. It seemed like all stacks are dropped three turns after the first stack is applied, regardless of when the others happened. This would be a lot easier to track if stat stacks (and a count of currently active ones) showed up in the Status bit, under Traits and Personality. or if I could mouse over a stat bonus and have a tooltip breakdown where my bonuses are coming from, and how much I'm getting from each source. *I got two kills with a single use of knockback once as a level 10 caber, in the middle of a rampage, and it gave me full action points instead of just adding one. I'm kinda curious what would happen if I got three+ kills. *I had six keeps (one for each cross class), but I had three families. (Jetts, Kargoulds, and Krokers). Assigning a House two keeps just seems like smart play. Members of the same family house born in different keeps are able to interbreed, just as if they were different houses, but relics and keeps can be passed to anyone with the same last name, regardless of which "branch" they're from. This makes managing relics and keeps waaaaay easier. The cabers and the alchemists had three relics each, but the hunters had one that they got naturally, relatively late, and another that they got from an event. I saw a team-vid where you guys had talked about "backstab" damage for players, and ultimately went another direction. It kinda feels like stealthed hunters should still get that boost.
  11. If any of your warriors have a big diamond with a +1, +2, +3, +4, or +5 next to their flag or banner, click that number and it should take you directly to the character's skill menu. There are other ways there, but for now just click the diamond. To buy a skill, click it, then click "Confirm." You have to buy from top to bottom, so you need the level 2 skill before you can get a level 4 skill. When two skills are on the same level, you have to pick between them, you can't get both.
  12. Is the Oda bloodline considered non-thematic because it's an actual, historical clan? Or because the quotes are a veiled reference to Samurai Warriors?
  13. I could see: Starting a new game with a lower level version of one or two heroes from the final battle, and maybe 20-50 "years" of free research, all enemy types possible as of first battle, advanced versions of enemies show up at start or early (depending on retained hero lvl/free research). For some silly reason, when I first started playing (version .93) I thought the Chalice would charge up at year 300, and push the cadence back to reveal a board that had 5 more tiles to it than you started with, destroy several of your buildings, and kill most of your heroes, basically starting you fresh with a larger board. It wouldn't have been a between new game+ and Symphony of the Night's endgame/midgame surprise. SYMPHONY OF THE NIGHT SPOILERS BELOW [del]Inverted Castle is still the best video game surprise ever.[/del]
  14. I can see why it wouldn't be that big a deal. I think for the most enemy formations can still hit the same number of guys with the regular + shape by targeting one tile off. If you've got enemies at Numberpad coordinate 1 and 3 (or 1 and 5), you can still hit both with a + by targeting 2 instead of targeting 5 with an X. If you've got enemies at 1 and 8 you're not going to hit both with one PFlask no matter how hard your try. Most of the time, it'd just be used to cheese your accuracy up a couple% or hit one guy who is just outside of range. I think it'd only make a real difference if you've got enemies at 1 and 9. But maybe you should have brought a traditional alchemist instead.
  15. If the F Key allowed you to "rotate" Precision Flask target cross to hit in a + shape to X shape, would that be broken? It'd be the same number of target squares, but would allow for more precision.
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