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  1. After the equipment discussion I started thinking about "Relic-ness" in the game, specifically about formal vs informal "Relics". If nameable gear can last for generations, and be passed down from parent -> child -> grandchild -> etc, I can imagine players inventing their own stories about that gear, and having it become "legendary" or a "relic" in their eyes, without being formally declared a "Relic". This got me thinking about relics more as something that players can build for themselves, than as something declared to be a relic. Additionally, if there is going to be technology research (and better weapons), I can imagine being forced to leave strong/beloved weapons behind because they are too weak and have become useless. I was wondering what your thoughts on expanding the relic system to all gear, not just Relics, and making characters/equipment more powerful if they were worn by any of their predecessors. I don't see a huge difference between wielding a sword your father used, and wielding a "relic" sword he used, it seems arbitrary that the one labeled "relic" is the only one that lets a character feel as though they are fighting alongside their ancestors. I think the expanded relic system + the reforging mechanic could work together fantastically. This could encourage people to continue using weapons that they have an emotional attachment to, giving them the boost they need to compete (at least somewhat closely) with current technology. Then if a weapon breaks and you could reforge it with current tech, but keep the emotional bond the player has. You just have to be careful with balance, and make sure that there are pros and cons to using new/old gear, so that players don't simply wield 5th generation wooden swords the whole game. Let me know what you think!
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