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  1. I have both iPad 1 and iPad 3 (in the midst of upgrading). Never saw this issue on the iPad 1, but can confirm the same as everyone else on the 3. Stuck with 2 bus rescue missions I cannot complete. Have not yet tried it on the iPhone 4 for comparison... Love the game so far, but I will second requests for iCloud support, as I was disappointed I could not transfer the game from the iPad 1 to my new 3. I will also note that while I had no problems with missions getting hung up on the iPad 1, I had a LOT more crashes due to what I'm guessing was memory issues - I could only play about 10 minutes on the iPad 1 before it would spontaneously exit. I have seen more issues with character screen placement on the iPad 3, conversely. Lots of times seeing my heros sleeping "under" the bed, which I never saw on the iPad 1. Eagerly awaiting the first patch so I can keep playing!
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