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  1. I had a great time chattering away, as always. Thanks again, everyone, for the opportunity! I look forward to joining in again on TJD3! If you wanna follow our TJD3 development, I recommend checking out www.skygoblin.com a little now and then, and also our twitters: @theowaern @henrik_englund @mathias_json Stay rad!
  2. I look forward to joining in again! I had a blast last time.
  3. OK, I've finally sent keys to everyone who requested them. In case you missed me spamming out TJD1 steam keys but are still interested in trying out the game (but hate paying for stuff) the first game in the three-part series is free today on iOS. Check it out here. Thanks, all.
  4. Lots of good suggestions here. Here are some of the ones I'm currently following. Too early to tell which will be worth sticking to, however: Owl cave (makers of richard and alice) Quality Narrative Awesome graphic adventures (I'm mostly in it for traditional adventure games, as stated in the other thread)
  5. I've spent quite a lot of time today looking into the whole thing and I honestly believe this change is for the better, though I certainly think there are quite a lot of quirks in the system they need to work out. At the top of my page I get a bunch of horribly uninteresting things recommended to me, but now that I've added some curators that I follow, I found that the content already is becoming more relevant to my tastes. (unfortunately I have to scroll pretty far down to get to these more relevant things.) Here are some adventure game curators I'm currently following, posted without comment: Children of the Adventure Rennaisance Owl cave (makers of richard and alice) Quality Narrative Awesome graphic adventures disclaimer: this is a duplicate of a post I just did over on adventuregamers.com, where I'm having the exact same discussion with a bunch of other people.
  6. That's true! But that would require actually sitting down and playing a ton of games to evaluate them, which frankly definitely isn't something I have the time to do, however tempting it may be. I have a feeling this thing is gonna blossom. It's growing like crazy already. I've got good hopes that this whole thing will help our potential buyers find out about our game. But again, it's too early to tell. Ever since greenlight it's been a lot more difficult for us small-time devs to get any real spotlight on steam, we all sorta drown in the noise.
  7. Ah thanks for the tip. The stuff that the "Children of the adventure renaissance" are curating is very limited, but it seems to have a living, breathing community going on with a lot of discussions about current games etc. maybe I should be spamming out TJD there too. PS turns out the one I mentioned is curated by Jan Kavan, the maker of J.U.L.I.A. cool edit: there's also (a brand new?) adventuregamers.com curator thingie: http://store.steampowered.com/curator/6859083/#p1
  8. Actually, I just found one "Adventures forever". Wow this curator thing is blossoming like crazy now. Following it explode this morning. I'll post more if I find them, if anyone's interested.
  9. Agreed! In fact, what I'd be looking for is a more specific "point n click" adventure game curator. Can't find one right now. Anyone know of such a curator? I've got good hopes that this will help smaller genres such as point n click to find their way to their crowd, but it's a brand new system so I bet it's gonna be a while before they work out the kinks.
  10. Just an update to say that my inbox still has tons of key requests in it and that I'm knocking them down daily, but I keep hitting the daily limit of how many PMs I get to send. At this rate, everyone who asked me for a key via PM should have one within three days or so. Sorry for the delay, I didn't really anticipate this obstacle, heh. Also, if you missed the giveaway, TJD1 is now part of the current indiegala, so there's still a chance to get it dirt cheap, along with some other freaky games too! Thanks!
  11. Thanks Jenni and all you other lovely folks who have been giving the game compliments. I love you. If you're into gaming on iPad I recommend checking it out there, it's getting some pretty darn good press. Getting to share this with all of you wonderful adventure-lovers here on the DF forums is pretty amazing. Oh and I'd like to remind you guys that a) the giveaway is over and b) I can't reply to PM's due to a limit in the forums rules, so there are a bunch of you I still haven't sent steam keys to, but I will as soon as I can!. Thanks everyone!
  12. Thanks SimonCle! Means a lot. Man, I come back from dinner and have 130 new notifications on twitter about this giveaway. I repeat, this giveaway is over now. Thanks everyone! I'll gladly do it again some time. But not now. Fun fact: Since this giveaway started, roughly 350 TJD1 promo keys have been activated on steam. So it was quite the drive! Huge Thanks again for this opportunity.
  13. ok I'm gonna have to take a break. No more giveaway right now, ok. Maybe later. I can't keep up and I need to cook dinnner.
  14. sorry guys I'm having a hard time keeping up on twitter, but I'm doing my best.
  15. Ok the "contact me on twitter and get a steam key" thing has clearly derailed somewhat. I'm being flooded by dodgy looking spam accounts that appear to be harvesting free steam keys. From now on I'll only reply to steam accounts that are clearly "real people". Also, in order for me to DM you you need to follow me. Feel free to unfollow aferwards!
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