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  1. well there's a lot of crap on here, but maybe someone will appreciate this. Some of my favorite adventure games came out on the Nintendo entertainment system of all things, I believe most of them were ported from existing mac games, but still. They were all developed and published by Kemco. The first I remember and first chronologically speaking was Deja Vu: It was a fun little early adventure type game where you played as an amnesiac who was trying to figure out why he just woke up in a toilet and why his gun was missing bullets, so yeah a usual Sunday morning for Tim Schafer sort of thing. They used the engine for this and went on to make a game that became a bit more popular and many of you probably have heard of called Shadowgate: This game kicked ass, playing it even today gives me chills, even the cover made me wet my bed as a kid. You were some guy wondering through a dungeon trying to stop some evil wizard from destroying the world or some such thing. You know like any Monday morning for Tim Schafer. They used the engine for these games and made Uninvited which was already posted in this thread so I won't bother. They went ahead and made some action games too using elements from this engine and boy did they kick ass too like, Rescue: The embassy Mission: This one you played as a swat guy and you had to go through this tactical thing and take out a lot of terrorists, there was a door by door sweep bit that played like their previous adventure games but otherwise it was just action stuff, fun but irrelevant. Then there was Rocket Ranger: It looked like a knock off or Rocketeer the film and comic book that came out around that time, and it was, I guess, but it was waaaaay better than the Rocketeer game that came out around that time. Admittedly this one doesn't qualify as an adventure game really, but it is one worth checking out, and obscure. You can find each of these at a used game store or on ebay for like less than a dollar most of the time. Kemco had gone on to do the sequel to Shadowgate and make a bunch of other ports for games that were never quite as good. Now they just seem to be putting out a bunch of unimaginative Rpg games for the Iphone and such, sad that. Shadowgate 64 as I'm referring to it seems to be an action game differing from it's predecessor, I haven't played it but from what I've seen it doesn't look very good. A bastard offspring like Ti... nevermind. The adventure games listed here do have mac and dos counterparts, but they are vastly inferior graphics wise. So dust off your Nes and check these out.
  2. Fair enough, I think though the stuff after killing Andrew Ryan worked for me, I thought it was an exciting twist, just the boss battle itself was handled poorly. Admittedly I didn't play SystemShock 2 until after I had already beaten Bioshock but if you had, I could understand it feeling a bit off story wise. I do think a lot of times a good boss battle can be a perfect climax to a game, sure their are those cliches like giant bugs with glowing fuck-me-lights on them, but most of the time killing the big bad is very satisfying.
  3. So you would have preferred to just bury a golf club in some blokes head and just leave rapture without any sort of climax? (I will admit the final boss fight was a little weird but I don't think the story all in all suffered for it) Furthermore I think you're the only person in the world who signed onto kingdom hearts for it's story.
  4. I am a slacker backer, I would have loved to give like 30 bucks or more when they were on kickstarter, but while the whole thing was going on I had pretty much sworn off the internet for a few weeks to get some work done on a comic I was putting together. I think I heard about it through the Escapist or some such thing after and was really disappointed. I'm really glad I was able to hop on after the fact, this whole thing is awesome. I mean Tim's games had been a huge part of my childhood so seeing all the tidbits of development and the behind the scenes thing is quite surreal. P.S. I will probably repeat this but I'm certain that Roberta Williams killed Adventure games, Grim Fandango was just a hapless victim.
  5. I'm a writer myself, I do comics. Writing for games can be tricky. One must consider what the gameplay is like, to an extent before considering the story. DFA is going to be an adventure game so the game is very heavily story driven which works well with the style of gameplay. A good action game has a completely different type of story at it's core, something more interactive, many times bare bones compared to an adventure title, short punchy dialogue with blunt and memorable characters make a well made action game a breeze. What makes writing good in general? Well I could sell you a few books on the subject, if you're interested. What makes a well told well written game? That's a different animal. Most of the time it just takes someone who knows how to write Tim Schafer is an excellent writer, I've never been disappointing by any of his works. He has enough creativity and enough knowledge, and a good sense of humor, that's what makes it work. Mind you Tim, don't get a big head, just because you haven't messed up yet doesn't mean you can't.
  6. Have you guys considered this episodically? I mean being a downloadable type of game it seems that's been a more practical solution for many developers, and after releasing act 1 or whatever you could gauge whether or not the people who gave money were the only people that would buy this game or if it will be more profitable than that, before you budget out the next two acts. I'm sure some someone has mentioned the idea though
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