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  1. So when does the documentary on making the documentary come out? :-)
  2. Snake Puzzle - Just a red herring?

    The only puzzle I don't remember being able to solve was simply getting the locked door open. Were there others? Try climbing the whipped cream mountain with Shey. Some special shoes might come in handy.
  3. Snake Puzzle - Just a red herring?

    There was also a puzzle on the ship that will be easy In act two. Go back and play a game like monkey island. You go through and discover half a dozen puzzles that you can't solve right away.
  4. Credits name wrong

    This problem is in the known bugs list with solution.
  5. I know some people can't click, hold, and drag with a mouse as their hands are disabled. Maybe an inventory option for those that want to single click an item, then click again on where they want to use it. My hands work fine and I might use an option like that.
  6. Yeah, Marek (spelling?) could work the targeting machine just fine Its buttons are gigantic. He might be just another Shay clone.
  7. And it's not how it's supposed to be. Me and other players also hadn't played the hug attack mission before coming to the room. You are then offered to play it and the hook only appears after that. So if you never play the mission, that's not how it's supposed to be. I did this mission up front from the bridge so the hook appeared for me on the third try. (second try after you are in on it) I assumed Merrick did it.
  8. Gus suddenly knows me!

    I bet the easiest way without additional animation would be to always have her fall slightly behind the branch until she talks with Gus or just have it set so that she walks around the hole automatically until she talks with him. Maybe some additional dialogue if you click on the hole early that says, "I think there's someone down there. I better not fall through".