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  1. It's an elegant solution to a pretty complicated problem. Just the documentary alone is worth every single euro I payed (hey, I'm from europe, that's what the money is like around here, no fancy dollars). Sure, January is still a few months away, but I'll wait and it will probably be the first adventure game of 2014, so there's that! Thanks for the update Tim, and thanks to your hard work on Broken Age, Double Fine, it's going to be awesome, I'm sure!
  2. Great Wallpapers. Because of the Tim's idea for the game to feature two characters and the way he explained the concept on the start menu/character selection screen, I'm thinking there will be a great opportunity for a set of wallpapers to dual displays right?
  3. I voted for White Birch because I like exploration games. I like the sense of wonder that comes with finding new places and items and ways to progress further and further. The comparisons to Ico and Journey helped too Hack n' Slash was voted for the idea it presents: make a zelda like game that you can break more easily. Kaiju Piledriver earned my vote for my visual idea of the game. A roguelike game is something I like to play, but usually they are these "dull" looking games with the medieval fantasy setting, but one with rubber monsters, cities, armies and giant mechs must look pretty cool. I find it amazing that no one came up with a metroidvania-style game. That would have been the coolest.
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