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  1. I was able to play the game last night for about 1/2 hour without any issues. I started to play The Cave again this morning, and after about 15 minutes of playing it crashed the computer. The last image on the screen, a fraction of a second before it crashed, was a partly rendered scene with no texturing, only normal mapping, visible. Here's the Blue Screen of Death: Strange graphic glitch before crash and nvlddmkm.sys is the culprit? nv meaning nvidia? I Googled "nvlddmkm.sys BSOD" and there are lots of matches, but I can't determine where to go from here. It's probably not a bug in the DF code as the title of this thread claims but it is still strange that only 3D DF games trigger the problem on this particular computer. I also noticed there was a newer driver for my graphics cards, so I clean installed it, but the game still triggers the BSOD.
  2. I have emailed the files (less than 1MB), mentioning this thread as reference. I will get a blue screen photo later today and post it here. Does The Cave (and other DF games) have any command line options to enable/disable certain engine features?
  3. Within a few minutes of starting The Cave (also Costume Quest, The Black Forest, The White Birch and Autonomous) my computer crashes to a BSOD and reboots. I must stress that NO other games or applications do this - only the games listed above. I'm pretty sure if I were to purchase Stacking, there would also be a similar problem with that game. I can purchase it if you want that tested too. I have a large library of 3D games and none have EVER caused this machine to BSOD and reboot, except those listed above. After starting back up, Windows 7 Ultimate (64bit) displays a dialog box with the following information: Problem signature: Problem Event Name: BlueScreen OS Version: 6.1.7601. Locale ID: 3081 Additional information about the problem: BCCode: 116 BCP1: FFFFFA800CAD6390 BCP2: FFFFF8800F3D3A88 BCP3: 0000000000000000 BCP4: 0000000000000002 OS Version: 6_1_7601 Service Pack: 1_0 Product: 256_1 Files that help describe the problem: C:\Windows\Minidump\012413-23306-01.dmp C:\Users\TandEm\AppData\Local\Temp\WER-1026190-0.sysdata.xml I will gladly email or PM the two files mentioned in the crash report as well as the full output of dxdiag to any Double Fine bug fixer who can help. I can take a photo of the Blue Screen of Death if there is potentially any useful information to be seen there. What other information should I provide to help resolve this inability to play DF games on my PC? All drivers are up-to-date as are all Windows system updates. Could there be some deeply hidden bug in the 3D rendering code these games share?
  4. I think Andy should narrate it. He has a pleasant voice.