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  1. Actually it is a mix of live musicians and MIDI stuff. The jazz tracks still sound completely awesome (actually I just listened to it now) and should of course not be changed at all! Not in any way!! What sounds more dated in places are the orchestral parts which are indeed MIDI. Like THIS track for example... A truly wonderful piece of music, yes, but just imagine how great this would sound with a real orchestra... The real challenge would be the tracks that mixes instruments (that are already recorded and played, beautifully) with the orchestral MIDI stuff. Because (I am a composer myself, so trust me on this one), going back and trying to open old project files like that (if they can even be found) is a total nightmare, and in the Pro Tools world, 1998 is like REALLY ancient. Something is almost certain to not work, because of outdated hardware and/or software setups and various compatibility issues. So I'm indeed curious of how they will approach the music...
  2. I wish I could agree with that, I was a diehard PS3-fanboy until I bought my 360 several months ago.. I happen to have both versions of Assassin's Creed, and this is no joke - it runs MUCH smoother on the 360. Like 5 or 6 fps faster at least.. Try climbing the towers on the PS3 version, you know the graphics always slow down to the extreme when looking out over the landscapes from a high point? Doesn't happen on the 360... They say the graphics are more detailed in some areas on the PS3 version though... But I'd rather have a smoother framerate in this case... That said, I've heard that games like GTA IV are smoother on the PS3. It varies I guess...
  3. Well, the difference was really not that big.. And to be honest the only place I noticed a difference was on Eddie's jacket and buttons. So I somehow doubt that they would bother to make a new set of slightly smaller textures only for the demo (and only the PS3 demo?), that surely must be a lot of work? Like Headroom explained, slightly higher resolution textures on the 360 versions are not that uncommon. But again, the versions seem very similiar and this should be nothing to worry about unless you own both consoles. Both versions will rock for sure!
  4. Thanks to you - and as I saw on the comparison page that VoodoRootBeer posted, the 360 version has a VERY SLIGHT edge in texture detail on the textures here.. at least in the demo... so I'm getting the 360 version. Thanks for your general opinions too - I have only owned my 360 for a little over a month, but am enjoying the live interface and the achievements system very much. I feel it has a stronger sense of "community" than the PS3, and there are much more stuff (like videos and interviews) being uploaded each day, PSN doesn't have all that. Still, I really like the PS3 controller and I am more used to that, and I feel the whole PS3 interface is much more stylish and sleek than Xbox's more clunky (it's Microsoft anyway), though enjoyable, interface... The PS3 has some nice exclusives too. Uncharted, Ratchet & Clank... But the Xbox seems more adventure game friendly.. I mean come on, it has the Monkey Island remaster and several of Telltale's adventure series. So obviously I need both. Peace out!
  5. Who me? I asked a question because I could, because the internet makes such things possible, to seek out opinions from other users. I'd know what advice to listen to and what kind of advice to ignore, as I am able to form my own opinions, like you said. As you might know there often are other things than controllers that separate Xbox and PS3 versions of the same game. In certain cases graphics and performance can be significantly better in one version than the other. I guess those were the answers I was looking for, but that is of course inside information, which anyone who has only played the demo wouldn't know about. There are lots of such comparisons being made around the net, but that of course happens after the game comes out. Still, this being the Double Fine Forums and all, I thought maybe someone had this kind of information. As I want to pre-order it, but only need to decide what platform to buy it for.
  6. This is NOT a "what console is the best" thread. I simply want to seek some knowledge as to which version to buy, as I own both consoles. I tried the demo on both the 360 and PS3 but I have to admit I couldn't really notice any major differences... The 360 version MIGHT have appeared a bit more "stable" (less framerate glitches and stuff, of which there were very few anyhow) but I'm not sure...
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