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  1. Psychonauts 2 // Official Trailer

    Check out what dropped yesterday.
  2. Brutal Legend Tournament?

    My PSN is ToAGlassOfSherry. Mostly because I was just hoping to get something nobody else had picked and I didn't have to add numbers to. Please forgive me if I'm a suckish challenger, I'm trying to learn how to use the DD.
  3. Ah! No, there wasn't any cyberpunk in Psychonauts. :lol: What I was trying to say with this: Was that there were some scifi elements in Psychonauts, even if there wasn't a full blown world based around scifi futuristic cyberpunk gizmos and lifestyles. Yeah, but you don't get to run around and explore the world with her while doing facemelting solos, seeing how the world reacts to her and her awesomeness, and getting as much clever smartassery from her via her interactions with the people of the world. You get a little bit of that in Multiplayer where she's your avatar, but other than that she really isn't your window into this world, and you don't get to know her as much as Eddie. That's all I'd want from a female protagonist.
  4. See Ophilia before Drowing Doom. Nah. Ophelia was mighty cool, but Tim did this speech/seminar thing where he talked about character development in video games and during it he said that you have to make you're main character the coolest one. All the coolest lines and things to do have to go to the MC, even if you initially envisioned them for a supporting character. Which means all the SCs in that game, as interesting as they were, were designed to be something like 'cool-lite' compared to Eddie. If Ophelia had been the main character, I think she would have been quite different. Cyberpunk might be cool...DF hasn't done anything with a really scifi entrenched world yet. There was a little of that in Psychonauts, but not a lot. And that genre could use a little juice. Maybe it's just my limited experience but it's come across rather emotionally dry in what I've seen.
  5. I just kind of want a female protagonist. A girl as cool as Manny, Raz or Eddie. I have faith that DF will create a world I want to get lost in whatever it is, so the other specifics don't matter to me.
  6. If there was ever a game that deserved to be made into an animated series...

    ....Brutal Legend would something like an anime. It shouldn't have that style or feel, but it would have to be a cartoon that's serious, but not as a gimmick. It would just be what it is. I so wish my country would take advantage of all animation has to offer the cinematic world. I always thought Psychonauts would make a kick-ass Saturday morning cartoon show....
  7. Hope mediafire is okay: