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  1. Great Job Guys!

    I loved it. Thank you so much for all the work! Can't wait for Full Throttle and maybe The Dig?!
  2. The goal itself - 89%!!!

    Backed via Paypal, chose the PS4 option. Can't wait! Woohooo!
  3. Purchased. Still hoping for a CD rerelease. Excellent quality on the Sumthing mp3 download.
  4. Will you be buying another copy of the game?

    Does anyone know if the soundtrack CD is included in the Nordic Games retail box?
  5. I'm not a fan of "ugly villains", but everything else was perfect. Cloud shoes, the knot puzzle, the snake puzzle, making a tree laugh, the cult... wow... I still can't believe it. Congratulations! Looking forward to the phisical release including the documentary bluray. PS: Would definitely contribute to future DF Kickstarters. Actually, I think I'll buy the PS4/VITA version right meow.
  6. NOT Disappointed in the Remaster

    Finished it again on PS4/PSVITA, after playing it last year on ResidualVM. Thank you so much, I still can't believe it's available for modern platforms. Excellent work!
  7. Got it this morning from PSN UK for £11.99! It looks awesome! Well done guys, I might double dip and buy the PC version too.
  8. Minimum System Requirements are extremely high :(

    Windows 8.1 is awesome, feels much faster than Win 7, and which OS do you think Microsoft is going to bother patching from now on?
  9. Why no big announcement yet?

    OK, I think I'm really close to the end [DRMRoof] and it was fun, but now I really have no idea what I'm supposed to do LOL. So I'm taking a break from it. While I managed to hack 98% of the stuff on my own, sometimes I had no clue where I was supposed to go without checking out youtube videos. The game only crashed once, probably because I messed up one of the scripts, otherwise graphics were cool, framerate was smooth. Hated the music, or whatever that was. It was nice to see a truly challenging game, it's probably in my DF Top 3 after The Cave and Broken Age.
  10. Italian dub with Vinny Vedecci PLEASE!
  11. Suggestion and Feedback Thread

    It looked great, it was funny and it has plenty of replay value. Would be better if you get to read newspapers and plan some stuff on your own, instead of people calling in all the time telling you what to do.
  12. Mnemonic Feedback

    Really enjoyed it, finally some crazy non-standard dreamy puzzle design. It doesn't have to be all black and white though.
  13. Sick Ass OSTs!

    Amon Tobin ‎– Chaos Theory - The Soundtrack To Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory [Ninja Tune ‎– ZEN 100] HEALTH ‎– Max Payne 3 Official Soundtrack [Rockstar Games ‎– 46219-1] Austin Wintory ‎– Journey - Original Soundtrack [sumthing Else Music Works ‎– SE-3009-2] Jason Graves ‎– Tomb Raider - Original Soundtrack [sumthing Else Music Works ‎– SE-3052-2] Olivier Deriviere ‎– Remember Me Original Soundtrack [Capcom]
  14. Ideas for Broken Age Merch

    BA art book and/or comics.
  15. Seriously now, don't let nostalgia stop you from appreciating new stuff, Yahtzee.