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  1. Aye, it's a cracker that 'un. Can't see him twirling it to a ful series commission though, even with his clout. GameFace is very, very generic, but at least you get to see a good chunk of footage from the games themselves....and it seems to have improved in the last few weeks. We live in hope!
  2. Mmm, not sure what the deal is there. I'll find out, and if it's linkable I'll post a link here. It's quite a lightweight show, not really that hardcore, but the presenter and production team are all huge fans so they've snuck it in there good on em
  3. For those of you in Blighty, the TV show GameFace that goes out on the UK channel BRAVO on a Saturday morning (11am 10/10/09 I think), are apparently doing a mini retrospective of Tim's work, focusing on Psychonauts and Brutal Legend, with a smattering of the ol' pointy clicky stuff too....not sure if it'll be any good, but great to see some mainstream recognition of everyones hard work!
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