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  1. I will double check this, but I think you're wrong. If I remember right Vella is giving him her thoughts about the art piece (a very banale interpretation) so he answers that he would agree with her if he had a superficial understanding of the art piece (meaning that he infact understands that art piece way better than her). It's a joke. But I may be remembering wrong, I'll run that part again this as soon as I can.
  2. [iTALIAN] Dead Eye Pyramid The Guardians ask Vella why does she want to enter the temple, one of the possible answers is "Because you're guardin it. It must be cool" but the translation goes "Quindi fate la guardia. Forte". The Italian line has no meaning in this context, it should be something like "Perché voi lo state proteggendo, quindi deve essere interessante" [iTALIAN] Dead Eye Pyramid After solving the riddle of Yorn Vella can enter the temple, one of the guards says "Knock yourself out". It has been translated with a "Levati di torno" while it should be "Accomodati" or "Entra pure". [iTALIAN] Dead Eye Pyramid After waking up "Dead Eye", if you talk with the guardians Vella will warn them their God is awake. One of them will answer "Yeah, right". Ironicly, the translation "Esatto" is wrong, and has to be changed in "Sì, come no".
  3. I'd like someone else double checking on this, but I'm pretty sure that the first time we talk with the cloud people about Jessie's egg, they refer to the bird using male pronoun "him" (lui) and then the female one "her" (lei) in the other sentences.
  4. My Steam ID is in my profile, add me if you want but I warn you: I post A LOT of screenshots
  5. +1 We've been reading about financial struggle to complete this game for months, and now we want them to waste money instead of using the simplest and most effective tool out there?
  6. I also did not buy the bundle but I could claim broken age on my library page. No key yet, though. Didn't buy the bundle (slacker backer). No key yet but I don't except it for at least a few hours I'm an idiot, I didn't realize my Slacker Backer and Humble Bundle accounts were on two different email accounts once I moved both accounts on the same email I instantly got my "Broken Age ($15 Tier)"
  7. No page to claim for me (but I didn't buy the Humble DF Bundle, I already had them all) I guess I'll wait for the mail to arrive.
  8. Pretttttty much. I'm checking my e-mail constantly, and it seems a lot of the people who had backer accounts but never used the forums are coming on here just to make sure it not arriving is just them. Touchè
  9. Not to mention Jennifer Hale *___* the voice over cast is just extraordinary
  10. Super excited about today, can't wait to try it! Since I read the email this morning I'm refreshing the page every 10 minutes
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